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Sarah –

Victim Location 30122

Type of a scam Employment

This company is a scam!!! They offered me a job opportunity as a Business Development Associate. The salary was $74,000 yearly,they told me a customer would send me checks. Once the checks were received deposit them in my account. The checks were deposited later that day my bank discovered these were fake customer checks. Unfortunately, my bank closed my accounts and refused to do business with me. If these checks would’ve cleared they could have got away with themoney and I would have to pay the bank back. Also, they could’ve gone back in the account and took moremoney out of my account. Now I’m having trouble getting a new checking account because of this scam. Please don’t do it because you can go to jail behind this. Thank God my bank didn’t press charges against me. Please be careful and don’t let them trick you.

Sean –

Victim Location 11103

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted via email by a woman named "Sandra" who contacted me about a Business Development Assistant position. I was then sent further information with an employee contract to virtually sign. Instructions were sent for 2 client accounts, and stated that what I would have to do is cash checks and send back money gift cards with the check’s worth. The checks arrived and they were clear as day fake. I’ve attached the "client account" assignment that was given, showing the "order" that was placed. There were 2 of these, and 2 "checks" arrived for the total amount of $2285 USD.

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