Knitric InfotechLLC

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Cassandra –

Victim Location 34287

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was contacted by this company via an email who claimed to be in business with Norton and Mcafee which are both lies by my talking with both companies. They offer Iinternet scans and multiple year support for Norton and McAfee with required check payments, not credit card payments.As far as I can deterine no scans were performed but they stated they did 8 scans. I had some minor problems before and still after the scans they did not really perform

They said I have three year coverage that I paid for when they knew I still have 209 days coverage that I paid Norton for. I have nothing to show I have an additional three year, really non-coverage, and if I knew I had 209 days remaining I would not even have paid the real Norton until I was close to having used up those 209 days. My bank can not do anything about my check since it was cashed right away. So I have lost over $400 unless some one can help me.

I have paid for an immediate service that wasn’t performed, and a 3 year policy computer coverage that is not there. There must be a government entity to contact for nothing received for money spent. Any knowledge of whom to contact.

There are other complaints of this Knitric InfotechLLC on the Internet as well. They are maintaining an address in Athens, GA to make everyone think they are an America Company but they seem to be an India company leftover from a creackdowwn on several India companies by the SA Government several years ago.

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