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Susan – Feb 13, 2021

Total money lost $60.18

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was searching for a specific book and ended up ordering from a website that was called originally. i placed my order and it went through a third party company quaci ltd for payment and they mentioned that, no proper receipt was sent out, i screen shot my order I placed and I got an order number, from a [email protected] then when it was packaged and shipped i got a tracking number. Fast forward I received a package with the same tracking number but it contained a fake cartier ring. I posted about this on my facebook and apparantely my brother in law ordered a car part and got the exact same ring. I started looking for the one book again because it is not printed anymore and finally found a true copy on australian ebay… yay… on that note but again during the book search i came across the new name listed above because the pngage is exactly the same and the book is the exact same price but under this new name. With other research i have found out that [email protected] is also a fake email and websites associated with and…. they keep popping up and down as the exact websites but different names and slightly different emails. As I’m going through all of this so others understand i came across a term called "booking" which a few things happen, as my example of what happened to me order one thing and get another, or your name is collected and then randomly you could get just one parcel of a hair elastic or many to the same name, people are hired to send out these things and usually it is to make fake reviews for companies and in china this is against the law… sorry for the novel but i would rather be long winded so people can see the scam. My bank says because i used visa debit and i have 90 days to dispute but i have to try and resend the package back and should produce a tracking number…. maybe i should send them back a hair elastic instead.., scam for scam …. They only got my name address and phone number…. i have not had any questionable extra charges on my bank card at al yet….. who knows

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