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Jaclyn – Jan 23, 2021

I purchased a star projector which I never received. I contacted them several times and got same response that it shipped. It has been 5 months now and still no projector.

Mario – Dec 31, 2020

Scammer’s phone Not Available

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Scammer’s email lamps from space

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Ordered a star projector on this website on September 25th. It is now December 31st and still have not received anything. By doing more research I see I am not the only one that got scammed by them. The website even had fake reviews which made it a lot easier for them to get away with it.

Cassandra – Dec 31, 2020

I ordered and payed for a star projector on September 25th and it is now December 31st and still have not yet to receive anything from them and there in no way to contact them except by email to get no information from them. I highly recommend you don’t order anything from this place.

Angela – Dec 18, 2020

Also ordered a lamp in October and have not received it. Tracking number says it was delivered to Norfolk Virginia. One reply to email was probably automated. Rip off

David – Dec 17, 2020

I ordered a star projector for my grandson from them on October 14 in order to get it in plenty of time before Christmas. As today December 17 I have written to them a total of 6 times, only to get one reply which did no good. I then asked them to just refund me a total of 3 times and still no response. Do not buy from them they are a complete rip off.

Jenna – Dec 10, 2020

I never received my item. Been sitting in “NJ” for 3 months. I emailed the a few different times and the response was clearly automated. I asked for someone to call and I received no more responses. I also threatened to call my credit card company and claim they were a fraudulent company. I received no response.

Shana – Dec 08, 2020

I ordered a lamp in October and never received it. It said I could track my order and said it was delivered in Lexington Kentucky but I asked for it to be sent to Louisville Kentucky. I emailed them and never received an email back. I want my money back.

Miranda – Dec 07, 2020

Well it seems to me we all got robbed. I usually do my research on companies before I have any dealings with them. But for some reason I didn’t bother with this company. I ordered a lamp for $200 and received nothing at all . I sent an email and received a response about delays due to the pandemic. After that nothing. There has to be something we can do .w.Gary —- NYC

Tyrone – Dec 06, 2020

I also got ripped off I bought 3 lamps for 135 dollars never got anything back ,! When I emailed them they said it would take time but they were on their way that was 8 months ago I emailed them EVERY month and now everything is deleted I can’t even get into the website anymore I want my money back!

Cristina – Dec 06, 2020

I ordered around September and I been trying to reach out but they never answered me again I really would like my lamp . If anybody has any info about their company and how I can get my product please let me know

Keith – Dec 04, 2020

What can we do about this!?! It’s not okay! So many people have been scammed! I’ve been scammed!

Kristin – Dec 04, 2020

Never received my item as well as no reply to email correspondence.

Pedro – Dec 01, 2020

Victim Location 74074

Total money lost $29.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered one of their Constellation projectors on September 19th of this year. I waited for a little over a month, watching the shipping process through the app Shop, when I got a notification saying that my package had been delivered. When I checked my porch and saw nothing, I looked at the app and I saw that the package had supposedly been delivered to Alexandria, Louisiana. I live in Oklahoma. I sent an email regarding this and got a robotic response saying to be patient with the shipping process, and that there should be an expected delay due to Covid-19. I decided to wait for another two weeks before I sent another email, asking for a refund, to which I got no response. Another two weeks later, I sent another email asking once again for a refund. Once again, I got no response. I decided to look up reviews online and found that the site had been reported on multiple scam reporting websites, and I decided to file a dispute for the charge and report them here afterward, but I decided to give them one last chance to just issue me a refund, telling them that I would report them if they did not give me the refund. I got an actual response to this, but it was only a short response saying that my package would arrive soon.

Karen – Nov 25, 2020


Susan – Nov 06, 2020

Definitely a scam. The reviews on the website are most certainly fake. I ordered a moon lamp and star project a month ago, and after a week of waiting to hear about a tracking number, I had to email the company and ask if they had managed to ship the package. After pressing them, they sent me a tracking number, but the package still hasn’t arrived and there’s no tracking information (the tracking website says that they haven’t heard about my package in 30 days). Trash company. Don’t waste your money on these pieces of [censored] thieves.

Dylan – Nov 03, 2020

Victim Location 98260

Total money lost $99.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 2 lamps from lamps from space on 9/4/2020 after seeing their ads on instagram. About 20 days after I ordered with no delivery, I followed up about the order and was told it was delayed because it was shipping from China and was delayed due to covid. A few weeks later, I was notified that my order has been delivered to an address in Texas, which was not the address I had listed as my shipping address in the order. I have followed up 3 more times over email (there is not a phone number to call that I can find), and have received no response. 2 of the emails I can pull up from my e-mail account, but the third I did through their website. Since I never received a reply, I can’t supply that one.

Their products are lamps that project the night sky, priced from about $30- $200. They advertise heavily on instagram and tiktok.

Sabrina – Nov 02, 2020

I had the same thing happen to me as most of the others. My total was $120 (2 sets of space ornaments) showed delivered across town. Customer service responded with saying sorry for the delay that the order will be delivered. USPS could not track either of the tracking numbers (1 from order, 1 from email when I asked for a working tracking number). I have emailed 4x since and no response. On phone with bank now to dispute the fraudulent transaction. So over crooked people!

Charlotte – Nov 02, 2020

I ordered a star projector on October 4th, 2020. On October 24th it was delivered to Mexico, Missouri instead of Connecticut, where I live. They have not responded to a single one of my emails, and it’s been almost a month now. This is not a trustworthy company, and should frankly be taken down.

Roberto – Nov 01, 2020

I had the exact same experience as many described above. Never received my $84 order. Tracking number from the English language website was for the China Post, which listed city of origin for the product as Yanwen. Customer service for China Post listed six Chinese phone numbers, all of which led to recordings in Mandarin or Cantonese—I couldn’t tell the difference. Had to dispute the charge through my credit card company. I was shocked when I read how many others were scammed by Lamps From Space.

Sandra – Oct 29, 2020

This company is a scam! I placed an order on August 24, 2020, total was $94. 91, they charged my bank account $95. 86. I received a notification on October 27, 2020 that my order was delivered to a mailbox in Texas. My order was to be delivered to a physical address in New Mexico. I repeatedly emailed Lamps From Space but only received generic emails telling me that my order had been processed and that their product was worth the wait. The tracking number they sent me wasn’t traceable for weeks, then it popped up on Yawen, an international freight delivery service site. I called the number on their website only to get a Chinese recording and their website is also all in Chinese with no options to translate into English. The day I received the notification that my order was being delivered, I noticed that it had a different tracking number and that my order was in Texas. I called the USPS since the notification stated that they had accepted my package unfortunately, both tracking numbers weren’t in their system. I didn’t realize when I placed my order that Lamps From Space doesn’t have a phone number so you can’t call and speak with someone, emailing them is your only option. They have stopped responding to my emails and haven’t posted any of my comments on their website. I failed to do my research on Lamps From Space but I will make sure to let as many people know that this company is a total scam!

Jaime –

I purchased moon lamp and star projector combo. They took my money and never sent me my package. Its been over 3 myths..almost 4. They replied to my email saying it was delivered but to a address in another state that was not even close to being my address. When I asked for them to make this issue right, they stopped communication with me.

Sheena –

This is certainly a scam company. I ordered an item from them last year 6 weeks before Christmas. The lamp was for my grandson as a Christmas gift. After numerous emails and phone calls to the company, the item finally arrived weeks after Christmas via China post. Also with a plug that does not fit the standard American outlet. The item also appeared to be cracked inside. This was quite a lesson learned. I should have investigated the company before placing the order.

Krista –

I believe that lamps from space is a false business. With my experience with them I had to end up filing a dispute with my card company and cancelling my card. I ordered a bundle package that included the moon lamp and galaxy projector. I’m going on 12wks since I ordered and 11wks since it was supposedly shipped. They said it would be 2-3wks. I emailed them numerous times asking for a tracking number and a estimate on when I would receive it and all they kept emailing me back was, we are so sorry for you experience with us but rest assured your order is on the way. The only contact for them is by email there is no number I could call to speak with anyone. My order was around $50 but my card company investigated and credited it back to me so I wasn’t out anything.

Maurice –

This company is fraulent. I ordered the big space lamp for $84.95 and they send me the smallest thing they had. I send them my issue and they first said to give them my order # so they can check. Didn’t hear anything after a while, I wrote them again and they came back with the same “send me the order number so I can check”! They did that 5 times, and now they stopped. Don’t hear anything from them. Don’t order from them.

Daisy –

I ordered from this bogus company on 4/16/2020 and never received the product. I sent them a follow up email and they told me it would be 4-7 business days. It’s a scam save your money. Do not order from them. All the 5 star reviews are fake!

Janelle –

Yep they totally bogus. I dispute the charges with my credit card bank now. I don’t know yet if they will reemburse my money but it’s a start to working against them.

Krystal –

My order never arrived and they will not respond to email or phone calls. They have a bogus tracking feature and disconnected phone lines. THis company is fake and will steal from you. Complete Scam company DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM

Naomi –

I ordered from them and I still haven’t gotten shipping information I bought it also three weeks ago and it still didn’t get shipped called them number doesn’t exist cool I lost $80 from this garage site I emailed them and I told them I told the FBI I don’t think they will care but let’s see

Julia –

Report to your crédit card or paypal!

Denise –

Total money lost $29.95
Type of scam Online Purchase

I was disappointed to see this site as I was hoping to support a small business instead of Amazon. The company’s address is listed in Canada and the descriptions of their products seemed legit. I ordered the Star Projector, order #11713, a week ago on 7/17/20. I received an order confirmation for that, but no additional information about when it will be shipped. The problem that I’m having is that I was going to order the Saturn Lamp as well but decided against it. There is no way for me to remove it from my cart (I’ve looked!) and the company keeps sending me emails asking if I want to complete the transaction. I have emailed them twice and asked them to remove the lamp from my cart as I am unable to do so, and have not received a reply, just continuous emails.

Stephanie –

Total scam. Never sent anything. Challenging via Paypal. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

Megan –

They did not send me the lamp. They will not refund me or answer my emails. THis is a TOTAL SCAM.

Tony –

Add me to this list. I ordered in March. First got Chinese tracking number. Then a sorry, CVOID issues, then a sorry, now nothing. I’m out 100+ dollars and have a very sad son who didn’t get his birthday gifts. The worst part is no email response anymore. So likely a scam. Please avoid.

Jack –

This company is a scam. I never received my product and every time I emailed over a span of 2 1/2 months I just got the same robotic response or some bogus [censored] website to track my package that never loaded. Ordered March 25th 2020. Still haven’t received June 5th 2020. Just put a dispute in to get my money back.

Colleen –

Complete SCAM…Ordered a lamp on 4/4 – two months later still nothing… Called the carrier and they said that nothing was ever sent and i was scammed. Asked for a refund and NOTHING… No comment

Marco –

I have also been scammed by this company. I ordered the star projector for $30 in early March. They sent me tracking to what seems to be a dummy site that doesn’t update. When I saw it was shipping from China I was surprised as well. That prompted me to look up the address listed on their website. According to google maps, they have listed a residential building in Ontario, Canada. There is no indication that there are businesses located in this building. I want to help shut down this operation, because it sounds like are scamming people globally.

Andre –

In the same boat. Did you ever receive the packages?

Kristin –

I wish I had read this post earlier. I too have been scammed by this company. Ordered an Atlantis lamp on March 18th, it’s now April 30th and I have nothing but repeated assurances for the past month that it’s on its way. I was shocked when I saw the items shipped are from China, not Canada as it shows on its website. I have asked them multiple times why this discrepancy, and they always ignore the question. I have since opened up a dispute with Paypal as I anticipate never receiving this lamp which was to come in 2-3 weeks (it has now been 6 weeks). Next time I will stick with a known source, like Amazon.

Melody –

Ordered a “Falcon Heavy” Lamp from them. They took my money and never sent anything. The Tracking number was bonus and even though their customer service responded to a few emails saying “they were sorry and I was just about to get my package.” Nothing ever came. They have since stopped responding to my emails.
Lost $80

Adrienne –

Victim Location 60618

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Lamps from Space uses targeted ads on social media to lure in customers. The website lists the company address in Canada, but order “shipments” come from China, with a phony tracking link. Someone corresponds though the customer service email, but you will never get anywhere. They repeatedly keep you hanging, insisting that the order is in transit, while most orders go unfulfilled.

Emily –

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was online shopping for Christmas and found these star projectors from a website that had a great sale on cyber Monday. They sent me a tracking number the next day. The business said it was from Ontario. When I went to check the tracking info it was bogus and I’ve since learned the business does not exist. The phone number has a recording that even sounds believable.

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