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Ronnie – Feb 11, 2021

Victim Location 85023

Total money lost $110.55

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email with free gifts and just pay shipping. This was for a face cream, Lancee perfector cream, just pay shipping $7.95. Little did I know that they would charge me11 days later for $110.55. I emailed them with no response for a refund. I called and they refused to refund me because they said it was a 7 day trial and they refused to take their product back. Nowhere was it stated that it was a trial and that I would be charged later. The IP address on the receipt for the $7.95 is 2600:8800:b88.8b00:89c:4dfd:1471

Latasha – Jan 17, 2021

Victim Location 55418

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I recently went to CVS. So I wasn’t surprised to get an email asking me to take a survey about my experience. In the end I was "thanked"

by receiving an offer to purchase any number of items for the cost of S&H only. I chose Neutrogena moisturizer. Once I entered my card

info for the $6.95 S&H, I had a pop up say I wasn’t finished yet – that most people also bought (this other item) for an additional $7.95 S&H.

I did not click on that item but rather proceeded to checkout, where I found they had charged me for that second item anyway. No one was

available at their 888 number. I had no choice but to run to the ATM and take all of my money out of that account. It is the point of the matter. I should have know it was a scam. But I’d rather run to the bank and do that, then give these shiesters one cent of my money.

Kyle – Nov 04, 2020

Victim Location 54311

Total money lost $110

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a ‘free product’. I thought I was paying shipping only. I ended up getting a bill for $110 through my email address. I never received the product, which is not unusual since I live in a condo complex and often get the mail of other residents here. I’m guessing the package would’ve been very small because it was a cosmetic topical cream.

I received a bill stating I ordered something at 12:02 AM some day in September. This was untrue as when someone called me the other day they told me I ordered it at 9:36 PM on Sunday in September. They also gave me an incorrect date.

They did issue threats as in we need you to take care of this right now or we will escalate the case which can impact your credit score now, I don’t want to have a damaged credit score so I’ll probably pay the $110. However I don’t appreciate a phone call from Canada threatening my credit.

Kristy – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 94561

Total money lost $103.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Agreed to do survey through my bank. Part of the survey required you to chose a discounted item for purchase or trial. Upon 14 day trial ending they then charge the full price of $103.95! When I explained I am on pandemic unemployment and they took the reminder of my money for the month they would not issue refund not even if trial merch was returned. I was a discount on future purchases only.

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