Landmark Chihuahua Puppies 4Homes

Landmark Chihuahua Puppies 4Homes Scam or Legit? Check Landmark Chihuahua Puppies 4Homes Reviews below.
Sabrina – Feb 07, 2021

Victim Location 19464

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was googling chihuahua breeders and saw this website. I sent a contact request with my contact information and the name of the puppy I was interested in. About 15 minutes later I was contacted via text. I was sent information about the puppy and more pictures. I was told the puppies were 45% off to celebrate there 10 yr anniversary and to support people during pandemic. I asked if I could come and visit the next day to look at other puppies to make sure Rocky was the puppy I wanted. They text back with how they could ship for free as they had 3 free shipping vouchers left. I asked there hours. They sent information on there reservation policy and I would need to send a $350 hold deposit. Again I asked if I could come to visit to make sure this was the puppy I wanted. They sent the same response via text word for word. I started to sense I was dealing with automated responses. I text saying travel was no problem and if I would come down to see the puppy I would give a deposit and return at a later date so as to give them the 24 hours prep time they needed to get puppy and papers ready. The next text was the three ways I could send the money. Zelle, Google pay and Cash app and which one would I like to use to send the deposit on Rocky. I asked to have a person call me to discuss. Never heard from them again. I have all the text messages.

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