Lavonne Mlumbi

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Haley – Dec 29, 2020

Victim Location 33414

Type of a scam Other

My friend had scheduled an ATT internet service installation. A technician came. During that time a second crew from ATT arrived at his house to "check software". This was Lavonne Mlumbi and a person she was "training". They were not there to check software but to sell phones and phone plans. Lavonne promised me a rate of 75 dollars ALL INCLUSIVE for a new phone, service, and all costs per month. She took my old phone as a trade in. She said I could contact her at any time for "help" and if I contacted her within 3 days, she would return my old phone and the contract would be void. Within an hour of her leaving, the new phone stopped working. I tried to contact her for days via calls, text and emails. I received no response. I spent hours on the phone with ATT and they could not find appropriate notes for her work. She appears to be an independent contractor. Today she finally contacted me and told me "her grandmother died" but did not offer any resolution of any problems. I am now stuck with an expensive phone plan and a phone that does not work like my old phone. This has cost me time and money. I do not care if her grandmother died, she was working with someone else who could have covered her work or she could have instructed me on how to fix my problem. Today she said she got rid of my old phone the day that I met her ( not three days later) and there is no way I can get it back. She promised me one thing , did not provide it and disappeared.

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