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Ross – Dec 01, 2020

Victim Location 85286

Type of a scam Employment

I was reached out to through Indeed after applying to a job listing for Admin Assistant. They offered me an interview for that day and I accepted. In between the offer for the interview and the time of the interview I tried to find information on the company online so I could be prepared. I couldn’t find anything. I was told the website is under construction so I was given a brief highly "technical" summary of the company. I believe he used the jargon on purpose to confuse me so I wouldn’t ask too many clarifying questions. In hopes that it wasn’t a scam, I had my father drive me to the office and stay in the parking lot. I was met in the main reception hall of the office complex and had a very simple interview in the conference room. He did not ask many typical questions and actually tend to stumble on his words. At the end of the interview, he offers me the job and I accept. I was not asked to sign anything, nor would I if I had been asked. He shows me the office we will be working out of and it is being painted and has no furniture or signage. When I came home I was still suspicious so I continued trying to find more evidence of the company. It is not listed on ScamPulse.com or on the Secretary of State databases. I did not find a Linkedin for either company. I found a Linkedin In for the man who interviewed me and his Facebook but both were very empty. I sent him a thank you email and asked where I could find more information. He replied with "I’m not sure" and his email did not have a signature at the bottom. I have attached a screenshot of the email correspondence. Happy to provide the other screenshots related.

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