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Letellier Logistic Solutions Scam or Legit? Check Letellier Logistic Solutions Reviews below.
Kayla – Jan 16, 2021

Type of a scam Employment

This Job is very thorough. They contact people applying for work from home jobs using Indeed and Kijiji. They claim they are responding to your application. If you move on with the hiring process as a "Customer order Processor" You will have a phone interview. 1 on 1 with an HR rep. You provide Direct deposit, ID, and a signed contract.

If you start they explain they use are own accounts to process some mock payments to practice one of your tasks. They have you locate a local Bit-coin abm and send etransfers to your account, Have you take them out as cash and deposit it into the bitcoin abm.

After two payments processed my account was frozen under fraud claims. When I reached out to my employer. He promised it was a mistake on the customers end, then went silent.

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