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Naomi – Feb 10, 2021

Victim Location 44111

Type of a scam Government Grant

One of my friends had her account hacked into. I thought , initially it was her, and I trust her very much. I didn’t know her account was hacked.

They contacted me thru her account and told me of this deal. That there were grants being given to those on Social Security (I am) and Disability (I am). So, trusting my friend, who at this point, I didn’t know it wasn’t her, I texted the number. They asked me to apply, so I gave them my information…enough to really do me some damage. at one point, I started realizing this wasn’t my friend, so I contacted my minister, who told me her account had been hacked. Unfriend them immediately, However the damage is done.

There were saying they would give me money, only if I paid a significant amount up front, for case filing fee and courier fee. They more you paid, supposedly, is the more you received. the amounts were from 1000 to 15000 dollars.

At this point the FB person no longer sounded like my friend. I blocked my friend then, and have copied that whole conversation. I have the entirely of the texting, too.

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