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Javier – Feb 01, 2021

Victim Location 24501

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase


I have been researching breeders for French Bulldog Puppies. I found this website page and sent in request form on their site, that I was interested in one of their puppies. They listed puppies for 50% Off. Received email shortly after introducing the company and what they were looking for. Loving homes for their puppies. Asked me to answer specific questions, that I felt were normal in adoption process. Second email, confirmed their approval for me to adopt a puppy and then directions to start the process. The cost was $500.00 total, which included $400 adoption fee and $100 for paperwork/transportation. It took me a week to get the money together and once I did, I reached out to them again and was given instructions on how to send the money. They wanted to use Zelle, however, my bank does not allow me to use it, so they offered another way, American Express Gift Card. I purchased one that night and sent copies to them to process the payment. I at that point beg for them to please not scam me as I had been done so before. They replied by don’t worry, that as soon as the payment was confirmed, that I would be getting shipping details. [Might I mention that on the site it lists "Full Refund for any reason"] I received another email, stating payment received and confirmed. The next email I received was from the shipping Company "Swift Pet Ways Ltd.", stating that the crate needed to be upgraded for safety of the puppy due to the distance. They rented crates and the least expensive one was $995.00. Well I had to sell things to get the $500, so there was no way I could afford this amount. I reached out to the sellers and again stressed my financial situation, which I had already done and asked for their help. The shipping company stated, that once the puppy was delivered, there would be someone with the puppy to issue a full refund of the crate at that time. The breeders stated that they would pay $445 and me $500 and I could reimburse them when I got the refund at delivery. I stressed that, it was no way that it was going to happen, I did not have that kind of money. That was the last correspondence I heard from them. I have sent many emails requesting my refund with no response. I have attempted to reach out to the shipping company and their phone numbers are disconnected. [so I can only assume, that they are in on this with the breeders] In the breeders emails, they do list a AKC Lincense #, when I thought was reassuring, but I guess that is made up? [I have all email correspondence saved]

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