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Andrew – Jan 21, 2021

Type of a scam Employment

I hope this will help prevent anyone else from being affected. On the surface this company seemed legitimate and I did not see anything suspicious from the start. Now I can only assume that this ‘Light Media Allies’ is a complete scam designed to get people to transfer their money into Bitcoin accounts so they can steal it. When I was accepted as an employee I participated in a pre-training session and I was asked several questions relating to normal customer service activities. The second day of training was when I noticed the problem. I was asked to watch a video explaining Bitcoin, which did not seem to far-fetched right away, but after providing a summary on the video I was asked to create an account where I could deposit Bitcoin. I was also asked to locate the nearest ATM where I could deposit Bitcoin. In what customer service situation would this ever be relevant? At this point I decided to cut all ties with anyone and begin the reporting process. In some odd situation where this somehow is not a scam, I can still say that this so-called company needs to be investigated for ethics and practice violations.

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