Lindsey’s Doberman Pincher Home

Lindsey’s Doberman Pincher Home Scam or Legit? Check Lindsey’s Doberman Pincher Home Reviews below.
Cassandra – Jan 04, 2021

Victim Location 49453

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went online looking for a Doberman puppy and came across a site identified as Lindsey’s Doberman Pincher Home. The website looked very good and legit.

I emailed them for information on one of the listed dogs and later that day I received a response back from the regarding the puppy I had inquired about. In their response they had provided a telephone number and no further information.

They advised that I could travel to them to purchase the puppy or they could ship the dog to me. They advised that there was a sale and all dogs where half off until the end of the month. The cost of the puppy was $600 which is extremely cheap for a Doberman, typically they are $2000 to $3000.

First red flag was that they advised that if I wanted to visit the dog, I had to pay $300 USD which was refundable. Seriously who has to pay to see a puppy they wish to adopt.

Second ref flag was that they accepted payment through Zelle, Walmart, Rite Aide or American Express, but no other means of credit card.

Third red flag, all the pictures that were sent to me of the puppy where from Instagram. So they most likely took them from someone else’s Instagram account.

Fourth red flag, when I called the number provided there was no answer, no call back, and the impression on got when the call went to voice mail was that it was a prepaid cell.

Fifth red flag, I sent an email to them requesting to video chat with them, the puppy and see the facility. I never received a response back from them, and the other responses were timely.

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