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Anne – Jan 20, 2021

Victim Location 46168

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was contacted through messenger first by one of their members. She told me that the 2 Day Live Workshop will be valuable to me. She also told me about the 1 year Earn While You Learn (EWYL) $797 which is beneficial. I signed up for it because she said that Junior will raise his price and she doesn’t know when it will happen. Then after the 2 day workshop (249) with additional $100 (recap) , they ask you to make a video so you could entice other peole on how the workshop was. Then they make you sign a waiver that you can’t get a refund and in exchange for the video, you only pay $49 for the Elite Affiliate Program. They’re supposed to send you the link but I did not receive any. The person who got me in tried to help me but the code did not work. I paid $397. I tried to contact Junior, the millionaire who owns this so called "business program" but he refused to refund me. I asked him to at least maybe take a portion off what O paid since I only attended zoom once post the 2 day workshop but no reply. I gave him my reasoning why I decided to back out. I told him that it’s stressful and it’s not for me. I told them also that it’s misleading people and I am not going to do that! This person needs to be stopped! By the way, on the 2 Day Live Workshop, he swears a lot! He is a con artist! His group persuades people from other FB group through "snipy". This is the term they use to get other people to sign up & not being transparent.

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