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Mindy – Dec 13, 2020

Victim Location 87109

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This used to be a legitimate business (I thought), which sent alerts on amazing travel deals. One could sign up for a free account and get weekly emails, or one could pay an annual subscription at $35/yr, and get first notice on many more travel deal options and more frequent emails. In the beginning, these emails had amazing deals and it was easy to book those deals. So, I signed up for the annual plan ($35) in December 2017. I was automatically charged a renewal in December 2018. Because of a recent relocation and new job, I didn’t notice that, and also didn’t notice that the emails had stopped coming. In 2019, I was charged another automatic renewal, and did notice it on my current credit card statement, and did realize it had been quite sometime since I received any emails. I tried to contact the company to investigate and to cancel my membership, however their website was no longer valid, and they never responded to my several emails I sent. I reported this to my credit card company and they reversed the charge, advised me to cancel my card, and reissued a new card, (with new card number) to me. This year (December 2020) this same defunct company attempted to charge my old card number again — twice within two days!! Both charges were automatically declined because thankfully that card number was no longer valid.

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