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Lowes home improvement / FIRST CAROLINA BANK Scam or Legit? Check Lowes home improvement / FIRST CAROLINA BANK Reviews below.
Danny – Jan 09, 2021

Victim Location 37725

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My wife received united postal service letter from Dallas TX in the mail from above named company with a check that they supposedly bank with out of Carolina. Check didn’t show any kind of address had to do little research on both paper and check to see if was legitimate or not do to in all raised red flags all the way around. The address of company. On paper when research it on Google & instant checkmate background show show the business located in a residential neighborhood of hwy 67 in DALLAS TX.


At bottom of the page the survey coordinator ::HALMOND SHERMAN

when research the name enen threw been verified ,instant checkmate and other way by checking background says not listed in either state TX OR NC/SC. As well even couldn’t find anything on co. United research in either area listed they wanted my wife to deposite check of $997 into our check account and purchase pre paid cards from wal-mart ,CVS pharmacy ,family dollar,target,&best buy.to get a specific vanilla or onevanilla visa master card then to text the # 936) 274-0569 after cards where loaded . As well also asked to text same number after check was deposited into bank I not sure but I’m pretty sure it’s a scam of some sort

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  1. Theresa Richmond

    I also received one of these checks and letters in the mail. I turned it over to the Jefferson County, Wisconsin police department and they are turning it over to a detective. I should have sent a text to the scammer letting him know that rather than receiving a text letting him know I have purchased the gift cards I have contacted the police. The check was for $2400 and I was told to deposit the check, keep $400 and purchase four $500 gift cards.

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