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Erika – Feb 11, 2021

Victim Location 46041

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The initial phone call that my mother received stated that she had won 3 million dollars and a new GMC Denali. They stated that the following day a representative named Nance Cooper, a film crew and 2 "FBI" agents would come to her house and escort her to the bank where the transaction to get her money deposited would take place. They made it sound like a Publishers clearinghouse type of scenario. They did not ask for any information from her and they did not request any money up front, in the 1st phone call. The next day, the day they were supposed to arrive, they called her again and requested a cashiers check in the amount of $1,000 to be drafted and sent to them for processing fees. She declined and told them she was not going to give them any money, she was reporting them and to not call back. They continued to call and harass her all day , requesting money and trying to reassure her that it was not a scam. She continued to tell them no and request that they leave her alone. She blocked their number. After about 2 hours from the time she blocked their number, another number showed up, she answered it and it was the same people. This happened several times, they would call from different numbers. I finally got on the phone and told them they had been reported to the police and the bank and if they called again there would be charges pressed against them for harassment. They stopped calling.

Brad – Sep 15, 2020

Scammer (James Anderson) said he was with Major Sweepstakes, that we had been selected because of good credit by the LPCP. We had won 3rd prize in NY, or $2.5 M plus a mercedes benz plus $5000 a week for life. We just needed to buy a $400 gift card that would be used to register the check. I gave him the card #, the security code and the expiration date, all which he said he needed for delivery of the prize. Then I was transferred to a manager, Bob Green, who said I needed to buy three more gift cards of $500 each in order to pay the taxes on the prize. He said that the Sweepstakes Co. pays them up front, so we wouldn’t have to pay tax. That amounted to .1% or $5000. I had to stay on the line, and when I got back from buying the gift cards, I had to say “hello” 3 times. He was there immediately, saying they were very close to Gilbertsville, that he was following a van with the car in it. There was no traffic noise, but he seemed to blow the horn on the car. When I said I couldn’t pay the $5000, he found a “sponsor” for $2000 of the $5000 and wanted me to buy 3 more gift cards @ $500 apiece. I asked the store where I purchased the other gift cards if someone could make a purchase using the information I had given, without the physical card. The answer is yes, so this is pretty obviously a scam. The guy was still on the line when I got home, expecting to get the #s for the three new cards. I told him my credit card had maxed out. He asked if my bank was still open, could I get $1000 in cash. But it was closed already. At this point, I was trying to get as much information as I could to give to the police. He then said the delivery team would call in the a.m. and would come by to go to the bank with me to deposit the check. When he hung up, I immediately called the state police and am now waiting for them to call back. These scammers are very convincing, and I am clearly too gullible. I wanted so to win this money, as I have a lot of people and organizations I would like to give money to. I figured being out ~$2000 was the price I would have to pay for this greed and gullibility. What a saga, and it may be continued tomorrow!

Kelli – Jul 01, 2020

Victim Location 85602

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Scammer stated that I won 2.5M. He would come to my house and take me to the bank to deposit the check.

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