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Joseph – Apr 11, 2020

Victim Location 12206

Total money lost $140

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

In February 2020, I place two online order from the website of LaceWig and Vonluxe which I’m for sure are the same online business. These two online business has the perfect pics to fool any customers, so I order all together eight suppose to be human front lace wigs all the color of 613 blonde. In March 2020, I receive my order which wasn’t my order, the wigs weren’t lace at all, the color wasn’t the color I requested or the lengths, so the same day I receive in the mail, I email the online business for a requesting to return the items cause these are not what I order, these online business just send online customers what they want and that just anything close to your order. I email they, they were requesting information they already had, I send in the order number and payments statements and pics of these wigs, I didn’t order requesting return information which you can only contact them thur email. They sending me email ask me to accept half of my money back and keep the wigs, NO, cause this isn’t what I order. So one online business Vonluxe email me a fake address with no zip code when I try to return them, so when I try to email them back they has deleted or not accepting email from my email address. I’m asking to please have some laws to stop these online scam. These false advertising and scam customers change their online business in another name to scam the next customers. I need justice brought again these two online business. I file a faulty statement with my bank, and these online business need to stop scamming customers thur PayPal or PayPal needs to get more active information before setting up business with online business. Vonluxe and LaceWig are online scams they be held accountable for stealing customers payments online thur PayPal. Please visit their website and read the upsetting customers, that has purchased online product and this online business has not held up to the return policy, they false classification their own policy. I have more pics and responses email which now the email exist. These online companies need to be penalized for false advertising and false information.

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