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Melinda – Mar 17, 2020

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

She had asked me for a deposit securing my spot to get my brows done and I sent 50$. The appointment was roughly 2 weeks away so finally after not texting for 2 weeks I ask if it’s still ok for me to come. She says no she is no longer available at the time the morning of the appointment but is the next day. I was not available and given she didn’t warn me at all and I had to ask I thought she would give me my deposit back but refused. She said deposits are non refundable. I was prepared to pay a cancellation fee at most but her attitude had already gotten me so mad I chose to end the call and gather myself. I then go on her page to look at her policies to see all this (photos attached) if you want your clients to respect you like that shouldn’t you show the same respect towards them. My deposit was a payment of a part of a service that I was unable to receive because the business owner was unable to meet at the given time. And upon looking at her policies all deposits are 20$…. tell me why I sent 50$?

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