Lavant Cooperative Bank

Lavant Cooperative Bank Scam or Legit? Check Lavant Cooperative Bank Reviews below.
Charlotte –

Victim Location 75228

Type of a scam Romance

Extract of E-mail. "Upon arriving from Portland Maine and going to BOA Charlotte and giving his thumbprint, the Bank Manager informed him his account was closed, ‘due to NO ACTIVITY"! He has to wait for Board of Directors to vote to REOPEN and REACTIVATE HIS ACCOUNT WHERE HIS BANK BALANCE IS SOMEWHERE BETWEEN $12-$15 MILLION! Needing immediate funds, he remembered he had opened an account with LAVANT COOPERATIVE BANK THERE IN WASHINGTON DC. I wired $1300 for bus fare for his entourage to go to the Lavant Bank and withdraw his balance of $200,000. Bank Official told him, the account had earned $50,000 in interest to the account. BUT HE NEEDS TO PAY $82,000 TO TRANSFER PRESENT ACCOUNT FROM CO-OWNER OF DECEASED INTO HIS NAME. Daniel is asking me to sell my house for what I can get for it to send him $82,000 plus pay off my mortgage balance of $29,000. I have refused to sell my house just for his needs even though he proclaims, he will pay me back within 24 hours and arrive in Dallas to buy a $500,000 house for "us" and another house for Ernie and his girl friend, her married daughter, husband and 3 kids."

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