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Tammy –

Victim Location 37922

Total money lost $1,950

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My husband got an email from the scammer claiming he could make up to $2,500 per week by simply letting them apply a small advertising decal to our car. My husband received his first check within two weeks, during which time, nobody ever showed up or made any kind of contact with him to get the decal put on. He thought that was a bit strange at first, but then he emailed that same person again, and they told him not to worry, and that he could take it to the bank anytime he was ready. He said, at the time, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and he had been in touch with this individual, so he and I went ahead to the bank. All goes well, at first. He simply asks to deposit the check, signs the back, fills out the deposit slip, then sends it all back in to the teller. Now, neither of us had caught on yet at this point, but the teller comes back and says that it’s in his account, but there was a 7 day hold on it. Meaning, it showed as being in his account, but did not show as being available, and wouldn’t be until that hold was taken off. So, we waited that week, struggling the whole time, mind you we have 4 children. Anyway, that week goes by and my husband calls me on his way home from work to let me know he was going by the bank. Well, he went to the bank, but left with nothing more than what he came in with. They told him there was another 48 hour hold due to inability to contact the verifying party. We had never heard of this before, so we just kind of had no choice but to wait and try again. Maybe this time it will work. Ok, so, we wait another two days and he goes by the bank again to see if it had gone through. Nope. There was no way they could verify it, therefore, it was not going to go through. So, he decided to email them again and tell them what happened with the check. Basically, he said to them they needed to stop sending people fake checks, and they immediately replied. They were very polite and reassuring and they told him not to worry, that they would send him another check and that everything would be just fine. So he waited on the other check to come, and when it came, he took it to get it cashed and had the same problem at the bank again. So, he decided to try another place or two to see if maybe it could have just been a freak problem with his bank. Nope. Three other places said "it’s good, but it won’t scan," which we had no idea what that meant. Then, my grandmother sees the check on my table a few days later and says she can get it cashed for us. Now, normally, you’d think that’s a low idea to let my grandmother try to get this check cashed, but at the time, we were in need for the kids and my grandmother is a tough cookie. She’s a hard-headed redhead with 40+ years of working in the school system. She may be 82, but she’s also well respected, well known, and has a pretty good reputation with a lot of people. Also, she loves me like I was her own, she’d do anything in her power to help me or my family in any way we could ever need, and she always will. So, yes, when she said she could get it done for us, we were more than happy that she would do that for us. And she did. She got it cashed for us, gave him the money, he got our bills caught up, got everything the kids need for school, and got food and toiletries and a few other necessities for the house. That, plus putting gas in both cars so that he can get to work and back, and so I can get the kids to and from school for the week, and that check was practically gone. I couldn’t believe it, but it felt so good to not have to worry about a single bill for once. And to know the babies had everything they need for school this year, and to see them so happy and excited to be going, was a blessing in itself. We thought it worked and that everything was really going to be fine, like they had told my husband in the email. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and it was just going to get worse. Not only did the check come back to my grandmother, she had to pay an outrageous fee because it bounced, plus the amount of the check. And, because she didn’t have enough to cover it all at once and had to borrow from the bank to even things out, now we have to pay her back. Therein lies the problem, we have a hard enough time as it is, we have 4 kids (3 of them in school), we have roughly $650 due each month in bills, plus $307/ month rent, plus all of the groceries and gas and any other random life expense that so happens upon us between his bi-weekly pay periods, we can barely hang on. If it weren’t for my grandmother and my mom, we would be hurting. My husband makes about $1,100 every two weeks at his job. So, that’s approximately $2,200 each month. Subtract the bills, that leaves about $1,500. Then, take away what he usually spends at the grocery store, which is usually around $600, that knocks it down to about $900. Now take away gas for two cars, for two weeks. That’s at least $180, so that leaves roughly $700. Then there’s everyday expenses, like buying lunch while he’s at work or something like that, that’s not everyday, but enough to consume a nice chunk of what we have to lean on, financially. I’ll give about a $250 allowance here, because random expenses like that, especially for the whole family, are exactly that. Random. And on one income, honestly, sometimes it’s more than that all together. So, then we’re left with about $450-350 that usually ends up being spent on his other daughter that he has to travel to Kentucky every other weekend to spend time with. He pays child support out of every check, he pays for her phone bill and bought her the phone. He has paid for her school supplies and clothes for the past 8 years, and he is always the one that has to make the trip to go get her, her mom never has even offered to bring her, or even meet us halfway. Anything she needs, that’s more than $20, she will call her daddy because her mom likes to tell her to work for it or ask her dad. And 9 times out of 10, he will do it for her, which is not a bad thing, by any means. I admire him for handling that whole situation the way he does. He has gone through enough, though, to the point that everything his ex wife does to mess with him and his time with his child is absolutely unnecessary and done out of spite. Classic "he said, she said," unfair custody, neverending tension between the exes. Anyway, putting it a shorter way, that check really helped take alot off of our minds for a change, and to find out it was fake was heartbreaking. Now, we are faced with the added struggle of paying my grandmother back, to add to our usual list of expenses. We’re not sure yet how we will pay it back, it will take some time. We also wanted to share our story, in hopes of preventing it from happening again.

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