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Alejandro – Jul 09, 2020

I ordered some iron maiden sneakers for my son on September, 7th, 2019…
I thought because they were coming out of the states that maybe thats why they were taking a while…i paid $84.94…that was a splurge for me because I honestly didn’t have the money just to be scammed…my son was looking forward to having them…
I feel it makes you leary about ordering online…this is the only time I’ve been scammed…at least I feel I’ve been scammed…my bank won’t let my card go through now for anything out of the states…

Carolyn –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country China

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Below is the fifth e-mail I sent last week. And, again, I received a response informing me that my e-mail was assigned a new Request No.
I have sent at least four previous e-mails requesting the status regarding the four pairs of Betty Boop Tennis Shoes, Order RE-97863-32988, that I ordered August 21, 2019 and I have not yet received a response or the shoes.
The e-mail I sent to you, Lazora Store, on November 26, 2019 was assigned Request 64116; the e-mail I sent on December 16, 2019 was assigned Request 65545; the e-mail I sent on January 3, 2020 was assigned Request 66211 and, lastly, the last e-mail I sent on January 13, 2020 was assigned Request 66558. (I did get a reply from my January 3, 2020 informing me that my e-mail was received and being reviewed by the support staff, but, again, I have heard nothing and received no shoes.)
I did receive a letter thanking me for my purchase on October 19, 2019, but no shoes.
My credit card was charged a Total of $176.92 last year for this purchase ($41.49 per pair of shoes and $10.96 for Shipping.)
This is my Order Summary for the shoes I have not yet received:
Betty Boop Shoes – US7 (EU38) / Women’s Sneakers – Blue/Black – Shoes x 1
Betty Boop Shoes – Women’s Sneakers – Black – Betty Boop Shoes / US7 (EU38) x 1
Betty Boop Shoes – Black/Red / US7 (EU38) x 1
Betty Boop Shoes – Women’s Sneakers – Purple/Black – Shoes / US7 (EU38) x 1
Could you please send me the four pairs of shoes or provide me with a refund?
At this point, I am prepared to express my dissatisfaction with your company on Social Media and then pursue whatever other avenues in order to either get the shoes or my refund,
I feel I have been very patient, as it is almost six months since I placed my order.
Below, I am providing all of my contact information.
Could someone please provide me with a response as to what is going on or provide me with the information for whom I need to contact.


Elizabeth Ewing”

Bridget –

Victim Location 58078

Total money lost $58

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a pair of tennis shoes for my husband’s birthday gift on 8/27/2019. ORDER RA-74292-25988 I received an email confirmation of the order paid in full. I emailed them with no response, have called multiple times and the voice mail is full. I received notice of shipping and nothing came in the mail. 2 1/2 months later, they have never arrived. SCAM.

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