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Jacqueline – Aug 18, 2020

Scammer’s phone no phone contact

Scammer’s website leatherclubusa.com

Scammer’s address not available

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Hong Kong SAR China

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Website

The scam company uses “European Union” as location a group of 28 countries. It was shipped from overseas Fed Express stated China from a bar code.I live in the Chicago suburbs and bought an All Saints Cargo Biker Jacket (black/grey) $450.00 size medium from the All Saints Store in Chicago IL. While looking at websites I saw the “identical jacket” advertised with the identical photos from the legitimate All Saints website. ALL SAINTS: us.allsaints.com – informed me “THEIR CARGO JACKET IS NEVER SOLD 3RD PARTY AND NEVER GOES ON SALE IT’S $450.00. Today I noticed that when you google the words ‘cargo leather biker jacket’ all kinds of scam sites appear showing the all saints website’s exact ad. Leather Club USA sold it to me with a promo, at an end cost of $243.00. I returned my true All Saints purchase, which I loved, and then ordered what I was led to believe is the exact jacket from Leather Club USA. It took over 6 weeks before I finally received it. You cannot reach them by chat after original purchase on their website, email or phone EVER! When it arrived it was a counterfeit ripoff looks and feels like vinyl and does not have any inside label stating it is leather or how to care for it. I took photos of the jacket, which was totally black no grey, to set up a dispute with my charge company. On top of that their size medium fits like extra small. It’s impossible to zip up at all, and very tight around my arms. The lining is very cheap fabric. In tears I immediately went to return it the day it arrived and discovered it would cost over $200.00 to send back as it was sent from overseas. My credit card company stated I had to show I tried to send it back. If I paid $200 it would cost as much as the jacket to send back and on Leather Clubs website in fine print under terms it states sale items are not returnable and they have the right to refuse returns. All their leather coats are on sale all the time even as i type this a year later. Leather Club did not send a receipt or return shipping label – no information only the jacket rolled up in a ball in an cheap white type envelope. I had the purchase in dispute with my charge company for 4 months. They could do nothing. I typed in their website leatherclubusa.com and photographed what comes up take a look. The same company must have developed a different website to scam people. The website below looks almost exact as the leatherclubusa.com site I was scammed on. https://sparklesleather.com/products/cargo-leather-biker-variant=35364575969433&… Please do something about these secretive businesess that hide, open and reopen under another site when the heat gets to hot.

Jennifer –

I bought a leather jacket from Leatherclub USA. Their website looked legit and prices were competitive. The product was advertised as a genuine product. However, when I received it, it was clearly a fake. I was in communication with this company while I waited for my Jacket to arrive. They confirmed to me in writing that the item I was waiting on was a genuine product – I have just received the item. It is VERY fake and I’m unable to contact the company customer service. Non responsive.

Nicolas –

Website looks legit… however the products are knock-offs. Placed an order for a Large and a Medium leather jacket. Only received the Large. Wasn’t even close to the jacket I ordered and isn’t even leather. The Medium wasn’t even shipped… they just pocketed the money.
These scammers are usually building their stores on the Shopify platform. I will never order from a store the I know is build on a Shopify platform. Shopify is supporting and encouraging these scams by continuing to host these scammers.

Glenn –

Victim Location 02155

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These guys are openly and blatantly selling fake merchandise on their website, labeling their knock off product with branded names such as All Saints and other designer labels only to find out they are shipping from Pakistan and the product is their own brand. They don’t allow time to return the product (24 hours from when you receive it) and there are no agents to answer your phone call on the number listed on websites or respond to emails. They are legit scam that I am surprised is running and allowed to run in United States! These scammers should be closed down. They are also using an address that appears to fake!

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