Legacy Crypto Builders/LCB Friends Family Gifting

Legacy Crypto Builders/LCB Friends Family Gifting Scam or Legit? Check Legacy Crypto Builders/LCB Friends Family Gifting Reviews below.
Jacob – Aug 11, 2020

I have met some nice people in this group that care about each other and form true friendships trying to support one another Erica has no bases for her complaint she has been fully paid and just wanted to cause trouble from the start and very difficult to work with beware of people that have no good intentions

Mary – Aug 10, 2020

victim 10473 was paid in full
Victim Location 10473
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Sharon Pearson, Robert Lewis and Akil Rafi Muhammad are acting as agents for this scam. They are working on emotions during this pandemic. They claim give them $200 and in 4 weeks you will receive $1600. It’s a Ponzi scam because you have to keep it going each person has to bring 2 people in behind them continually. Sharon set up a zelle to take my $200 then she set up a cash app account claiming it was someone named Ran when it actually is her account. It’s some kind of Ponzi flower sou sou scam, because people have to keep joining in order to get paid. They claim you are giving a person a gift. They are preying on women and disabled people. I have a recording with Akil telling Sharon to give my $200 back. I have a recording where Sharon is telling me I put her through things and my money is a gift and she’s not giving it back. I never signed anything or said I was giving a gift to anyone. Sharon is stealing money I contacted the administrator on Facebook and Akil I was ignored. The name of the private Facebook group is LCB Friends and Family Gifting. Diana Townsend is the administrator on GroupMe and their private Facebook page. They have calls every week Monday- Friday 8pm eastern time. They change the password weekly at “http://lcbwcwalliance.com

Password. unity24“ Sharon and Robert are a couple and are taking money from people. On Facebook you can see Sharon is looking for work. I have recordings and pictures of everything. They have a GroupMe names Legacy Crypto Builders. It’s a shame they are doing this to people during this pandemic where people can’t pay bills. I’m disabled due to 911 complications.

Payment Details
$200 Sent
Confirmation #: 1296414303
• To: Erica Bledsoe at [email protected]
• From: Citizens Bank, Circle Checking Main, XXXXXX
• Sent: Wednesday, Jul 15
• Speed: Standard
• Reason: refund for flower
• Payment ID: CTZ0FL18D6C0

Janelle – Aug 11, 2020

Sharon Pearson is my business partner! Shame on you Erica for defaming her name! The flower only works when everyone brings two. — including you. The flower is NOT a scam, we failed the flower. Because you did not bring your two, along with others not bringing two the flower stalled. You requested your money back. And, out of kindness, Sharon gave you your money back in spite the fact that you did not fully do your part. In the meantime the rest of her team are thriving. LCB is not a scam and does not prey on disabled or weak, in fact I don’t know anyone like that in our professional organization. Anyone have any a question about our integrity feel free to listen to our presentations.

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