legacy garage door

legacy garage door Scam or Legit? Check legacy garage door Reviews below.
Suzanne –

Victim Location 95746

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A man named Lior Zadok claims to do garage door and gate repair, but he misrepresents himself as having a legitimate company. His phone number and business card are not associated with any known business that I could find in this area, and I believe he intercepts calls from legitimate businesses and misrepresents himself as being them. He takes a large "deposit", charges exorbitant fees (many times the actual cost for the job) for the balance, and finds unknowing and unwitting real repairmen to do the work. He then pays them a fraction of what he collects himself.

I called the Placer Co Sheriff when he was harassing me to collect. (I had paid the true repairman directly). They came to the house and questioned him, the true repairman, and me.

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