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Ronnie – Jul 30, 2020

I also got scammed out of 250$. My story is similar to the one above only difference is that I wouldn’t send any additional money because I got suspicious. I ordered something from someone on fb, I payed via cash app. I was sent tracking info and was promised my package would be here in the morning because it was overnight shipping . The next day I get a text from +19493284122 saying that my package requires additional postage costing 1000$ , for me to cash app the money to the same person I had already sent the 250$ to someone named “mark jones” Mark Jones
$Thompsoon21. Was his cash app name. obviously none of this made any sense. The message stated the DEA would get involved etc. The number was claiming to be a discreet shipping company names the silkroaddepot. Glad I found this page and recognized the number I was being text from . Do not send any money to these people

Mallory – Jul 22, 2020

Victim Location 42041

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had wanted to purchase a product online that cost 1570.00 so i paid them through an app called CASH APP. I have never experience using cash app so the guy help guide me through it. our form of communication was using text messages. When I was transferring my funds to him three separate times equal 1570.00. I had already checked the website and it seems to check out. I was supposed to get my package from them the next day because i paid 70 overnight fee. Package had not arrived. Contacted him again for two days straight then he tells me i have to pay additional $1000.00 because of some postal refused to deliver to my area. In the beginning i was supposed to have the email with tracking number as it states on their website. i had pestered the person on text where s the tracking number. finally gave me one yesterday and i check, something didn’t feel right. I had already sent $930 to a different person with cash app with the company because i couldn’t send the same guy i sent before with 1570 as it wouldn’t go through. whoever it was on the text was a really smooth talker that i can see now. They usually contact you around 1 to 3 pm and 1am to 3 am in central time which is different timezone (3 hours different and i was in bed!) for me from their time zone. I have lost 2500.00 to this two phone numbers and cash app customers….i noticed the original name was supposed to be some guy named richard moore (pic shows white guy) under $richvibes. now i type that cash app account name again and it turns out to be richard damiani (pic shows black guy). two different names. richard moore had disappeared from my app list. i called him out right after i got suspicious after i sent $930.00 to a different person who is $mala190 (God-gift). I checked through social media of the names under $richvibes and came across two names using very similar which was $richvibes and $richvibe. there was a couple in a picture in different social media and both of their pictures individual was on $richvibes and $richvibe under nyiah chanel or diamond chanel. i sent this info to the text messages and called him out. he stopped replying back. Now i dont know if this is a man or woman using this as i just based on looking at the name and picture. the phone numbers that were to contact me was 4242566278 and 9493284122. They kept telling me they are real and legit but no i dont believe them. i am going through hard times with some family members going through medical issues and another one is in icu with covid. My mind wasnt on right track at that time as i was taking advantage of. i have tried to contact cash ap support but they dont have a live person to help you but to click on something yet still doesnt help me to put such a complaint or file scam report. i know i probably wont get 2500 back and accept this as my mistake because my mind wasnt on right track with all the emotional and stress i m going through. they even tried to get me to go use bitcoin….that was it. told them no that s it and to refund all mymoney back. He refused to refund mymoney back. I told them i will file complaint against this company with and CASH APP. I doubt i would get anything back. There goes more stress. i have saved all text messages on both number that was sent to me.

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