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Ashleigh – Aug 23, 2020

I received my products 9 weeks after ordering. The item had dead bugs flattened on the product and I filed a PayPal claim. PayPal sided with the company since I eventually got my product even though it ended up in the trash. Also, very disappointed with PayPal and their terrible customer service. I sent pics and all. Don’t purchase from them! Complete scam of a company.

Marc – Jun 20, 2020

Six weeks and finally got item. They now refuse to accept a return.

Larry – Jun 16, 2020

Purchased an item six weeks ago and still hasn’t shipped. They won’t cancel order or refund. Now they’ve blocked me on Facebook. Don’t order from them!

Christopher – Jun 13, 2020

made the same ukelele quarantine project error. today usps confirmed they never shipped anything, but rather simply generated a shipping label. Filed for resolution via paypal.

Kristina – Jun 11, 2020

I ordered a ukelele kit over two months ago and it has been sitting waiting to be shipped since May 8 in the US, after weeks of coming from China. I have requested cancellation and refunds multiple times and now the customer service department just doesnt respond to my emails.

Mandy – Jun 10, 2020

This company is a complete scam. They have offered me three (3) different “tracking numbers” NONE of which indicate that a package has been sent anywhere. I ordered a ukelele kit from them on APRIL 10.

As of today, JUNE 10, there is still no tracking information, anywhere, that shows that Lemi sent a package anywhere. None of them. I could make up tracking numbers too.

Do not do any business with these dishonest people. I have filed a complaint with PayPal, who are taking forever to resolve this.

Brandon – Jun 09, 2020

Horrible scam company. Ordered an item in mid-April, the tracking number they sent had the plane landing in Los Angeles for EIGHT days. It was delivered to their “shipping partner” and that was almost 30 days ago and it still has not been delivered to the USPS (according to the USPS tracking number LEMI provided). I get emails from a person with a name that does not match the email name on the LEMI account.

SCAM! Do NOT buy from them!

Christy – Jun 04, 2020

Total Scam. Sent me tracking 90 days ago, won’t refund still and nothing has arrived. tracking never moved. Total scam artists. Ordered Ukelele’s as a quarantine idea back in March. Still nothing, and their response time is great. They just keep saying “keep waiting, which at this point makes no logical sense.” Don’t buy here. Find elsewhere.

Barbara – Jun 05, 2020

You are not alone–but if it eases your mind, it did come eventually. That being said, the product itself was less than what was expected.

Emmanuel – Jun 03, 2020

Absolutely horrible company and customer service do not buy from them

Steve – Jun 01, 2020

Ordered a “build your own ukulele kit” on April 11. I reached out May 15th, requesting a refund since it would not arrive in time for my needs. I was told since it shipped, there would be no refunds. I was giving a USPS tracking number and told to wait “a few more days.” It is now June 1st. No one responds to my emails, and according to the tracking number they gave me it’s been sitting in Inglewood, CA since May 8th. I called USPS, they don’t have it and suggested calling DHL or UPS. Did that too. They don’t have it either. Seems the only way I will get this is to drive myself to Inglewood (from NJ, lol) and search the entire city (or is it a town?) and locate it, because Lemi Decor is not doing anything about it.

Jenna – May 26, 2020

Ordered my product on 04/15/2020. I instantly received a confirmation email. The website says they ship within 48 hours of purchase. We are in the middle of a pandemic so I expected things to be delayed so when it took them more than triple their shipping quote of 48 hours to send me an email telling me my order was on the way, I was okay. That email came on 4/22/2020. On 5/7/2020, I realized I still hadn’t gotten this. I tried to track it but all it said was this is was still in China and hadn’t been shipped yet. At this point I reached out and they stated that it was on a plane from China to LA as of 4/29/2020 and was due to arrive 5/10/2020 in LA. From there I should have it in no more than a week. On 5/19/2020 I advised that per the tracking, the plane landed on 5/10/2020 but there was no update from there and I hadn’t received the package. At this point I was brushed off. I was given a new tracking number and told that it was in the hands of USPS and to reach out to them. I did as they stated. When I contacted USPS they said a prepaid label had been purchased but the package was never actual sent to USPS to deliver as of yet. When I contacted them tonight they sent me a generic “thank you for your patience” email with an info graphic of extended shipping periods due to COVID-19. Mind you, all of the shipping times listed on this info graphic have already passed so it just further solidified my fears that this company is a complete scam.

Haley – May 14, 2020

Scam run-around company. Product they sent was defective yet they expect you to pay shipping to Vietnam to get a refund. FYI -shipping from US to Vietnam is cost prohibitive. Stay far away from this unscrupulous gang of thieves!

Tyler – Mar 12, 2020

Never got my order and they keep telling me , “Please contact the FedEx to receive more information about the package. Here is the FedEx phone number: 1-800-463-3339.
Because they’ll ask you some questions about your detailed personal information, you’ll answer it cleared and easier than us. Hope for your kind understanding on this matter.” They’ll take your money and not give a [censored] afterwards. A fraudulent business – no review pages, their facebook page is inactive. Wish I never ordered from them.

Roberto –

Victim Location 15241

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Lemi Decor is an online company that claims to sell high quality products. The products are shipped from a port in China to a Port in NJ. The products are garbage and of no reasonable or acceptable quality standards in the United States. They have no contact information outside of a email, and no company address, CEO, or customer service phone number. They claim all of their merchandise is on sale, and that all sales are final, but you do not realize that till after the fact, as it is buried in their website. Also, not all items are on sale, and they still will not accept a return as they lie, stating all items purchased are on sale, even if a discount code was used. They are a sham corporation, and should be shut down. *** who is there major source of transaction, is also not helpful in a dispute resolution because the merchandise cannot be returned. But how can one return the garbage merchandise, when Lemi-Decor has no shipping address or customer service to return the items too.

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