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Olivia – Jul 28, 2020

Received this email:

Good day,

We are sorry for contacting you in this manner, We contacted you after going through your profile and feel convince you can represent our interest in this project, please read through it carefully.

Lengzien Introduction

Lengzien Oil Holding B.V. is a privately-held exploration and production operator based in The Hague. The Company operates assets in the Netherlands and is owned by funds advised by LNLI, management and staff. The Company was established in 2010. It was recognized early on that The Netherlands was the preferred location to focus Lengzien’s expertise given the remaining potential for maturing untapped reserves, the proximity to market and the stable and supportive scal regimes. We have built a portfolio of mostly gas assets in the Netherlands along with onshore oil assets.

Lengzien Oil & Gas Limited is embarking on the construction of storage farms for sales and exportation of Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade Jet Fuel A1 and JP54 and Marine Diesel into the North America markets. Our secured venture capital in excess of $220 million for the construction of Jet A-1 aviation fuel storage farm in the USA and Canada.

Lengzien Oil employs an outstanding team to work a strong portfolio of both onshore and offshore projects in both oil and gas at various stages of the Oil and Gas development cycle.

Lengzien Oil & Gas Limited seeks your partnership as a company representative and to manage our regionally business outside Netherlands. With an extensive customer base in North America. Our objective is to combine the strength of a regional partner to better manage our growing customers.

Your starting salary and payment schedule are outlined below. This Part-Time position will require you to discuss with our investors, receive and disburse funds on our behalf, a self-allocated maximum time,This position needs no prior experience, you can work from home, less than 10-hours weekly is desired, hence will not affect your current Job and traveling is not required.

We will review and subsequently produce a comprehensive Agreement and a representative offer letter of employment once we receive your information. I will notify same to all our investors that Lengzien Oil & Gas Limited will be having an internal (Locally based) company representative who will manage our finance for the project in your region.

1. Job title, Managing Partners/Regional Reps Agent Your sole duty will be in project representation and management of finance for the project in your region and working together with the company executives to seamlessly reach goals.

2. You are entitled to 10% commission of each payment you receive on our behalf and the Company shall pay you monthly Salary of $5,500 dollars. All fees, including local tax will be handled by us.

Details of the project will be sent to you as we move on. Kindly provide us with the following information, as your application for further proceedings.

Your Full Names:
Full Contact/Postal Address:
Your Company Name:
The Position Held:
Tel and Cell Number:

On behalf of Lengzien Oil & Gas Limited, Please accept my heartfelt welcome and delight having you on the team.

Harris Borsch
Chief Executive Officer
Lengzien Oil & Gas Limited

Marisa – May 14, 2020

Victim Location 33606

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted via email from and address I only have associated with Linkedin. The individual appears to have reviewed my profile as the inquiry could have related to my business. I replied and received a reply from Harris Borsch the CEO of a researched Fake company Lengzien Oil & Gas of the Netherlands. The reply was thorough well written and could seem legit. The scammer has went to the lengths to setup a company website which at first glance appears real. www.lengzien.com If you dig into the site further there are tons of non existent pages. I’ve found others who have been approached in a similar manner whom have reported it on Linkedin. <span title="https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/all/?keywords=lengzien%20oil&origin=GLOBAL_SEARCH_HEADER
https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/all/?keywords=lengzien%20oil&origin=… />
It appears the scammer is working a sophisticated multi-step social engineering ploy to develop trust through presenting what appears to be possibly legit opportunity. I have no doubt eventually they would seek financial information if I pursued it further.

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