Lexington Oklahoma

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Christy –

Victim Location 73108

Total money lost $4,500

Type of a scam Romance

I was dating the Ed and he was a business man living in Lexington, Ok. He is known throughout the community and a Christian. He worked hard and had to pay to support his children. They totally depended on him and he gave them about $7000 a month to live. Of course none of them worked. Ed was a electrical general contractor. He worked all the time. An opportunity of a job in Cape Town South Africa became available. This was his last job and it paid 4.5 million. I really thought he was lying to me but who am I to say any different. He took money to hire a team of workers. I talked to him often. One thing he said was that his computer equipment, watch and phone were stolen. He asked me to send him new equipment. I told him I couldn’t cause I didn’t have much money. So I went to AT&T and got a phone for $24.00 a month for 30 months and an Apple Watch for $17.67 a month for 30 months. I also purchased a MACBook computer for $1737.00. I paid around $350.00 a month. This was on Nov 2019. He was mad at me and promised to pay me back. He did put in writing that he could use take care of all of us including me and my daughter. He also asked that I send his kids $7000 and provided me with their name and address. I told him over and over I couldn’t cause I am barely making it now. My Government retirement isn’t enough. I did have another job but it was temporary. I am presently trying to find a job. I kept telling Ed this but he claimed I lied that I told him I had plenty of money. I kept telling him I didn’t. I tried the best I could purchasing new equipment. Now I’m having to pay for the equipment and don’t have enough money to buy food. All along he said he would make enough to take care of us. I am so stupid to believe him. It’s going to cost me $4500 for my error in judgement.

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