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Juan – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 69001

Type of a scam Employment

I was notified that an employer had requested my resume through my unemployment insurance dashboard and then I received an email from a what seems to be legitimate company and they had mentioned that I was ready for an interview appointment and me being unemployed and needing money and a job and everything I fell for it and reply to the email got the contact information was instructed to download a platform which ended up being telegram you can get it on Google Play and I was told to contact to alleged employees of this company and at all contact was done through email and this platform. For the past two or three weeks I’ve maintained contact with this man who’s supposed to be the vice president of this company the very next day of me doing the appointment interview and going through whatever placebo or you know staged application and all that and even receiving a I-9 through email to be filled out and I filled it out completely put myself out there so I could be anywhere doing anything illegal that anyone’s trying to do with my information but back to after I got my verification of employment letter which looked so legit and I will post the pictures of all these emails so after I received my verification of employment I then the next day received in the mail through FedEx expedited a check from a person who I did not know it all that was in my name from a company I’ve never heard of for an amount of $4,850 that was supposed to be for the equipment for the position which was at home data entry and whatnot well my instructions from the contact from the fake company was to deposit it at an ATM which I wasn’t able to do and I attempted to take it to the store and have a cash which the cash register wouldn’t register the numbers on the check so I let them know and then they instructed me to write void on the front of that check and then I was emailed the images of the front and the back of another check and was told to print those out and cut them down to size and attempt a mobile check deposit through an app which also didn’t work so me being naive enough to just go ahead and give them my routing number and account number there was apparently supposed to be some sudden transaction that was coming internationally that was for the amount of $57,000 and whatever change and when I asked why the amount was so large I was told it’s something I was being trusted to me I’m supposed to get it deposited and then it’s deposited into my account I’m supposed to pay for my equipment and then apparently they’re supposed to be some sort of fee for the wait because I’ve waited so long for it and whatever wasn’t used for my equipment was supposed to be sent back to the company stock broker and I’m doing are quote since you can’t see anyways so I still haven’t received the deposit and I’m still waking every day messaging the same contact with company saying that my training will start as soon as I get the deposit but anyways now I’ll show you the pictures of every single forward and attachment I got from these people watch out everybody

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