Lifelock Imposter

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Taylor –

Victim Location 98516

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a text from Lifelock, but the text looked very different from the previous legitimate text messages from Lifelock. I immediately, went online to log into my Lifelock acct, but then was told that the username/password didn’t match, I then requested for my username. The user name they sent me via email didn’t match. It looked totally made up. Not any user name I would ever have created. Well, I called the 18005433562 phone number on the email and it was an automated voice, so punched in my last 4 digits of SS # and 4 digits DoB year. A red flag came up when it asked that my credit card be updated. I checked my last credit card statement and the amount charged by LifeLock went thru and the card doesn’t expire until 2022. When I elected not to update my credit card information, the automated voice transferred me to an individual. That individual asked for my full SS#. I refused since I had already confirmed the last 4 digits of my SS# and yr of DoB. When asked where this call center for LifeLock was, the individual said Manila, Philippines. I asked for his name and he said Jordan Marcello (Emp #1225). I asked for the address of the Lifelock’s headquarters and he mentioned Tempe, AZ, but the suite # was not correct. I also asked for a description of the building in Tempe, AZ, but he wasn’t able to describe. When I asked for his physical address in Manila, PI, he didn’t know, but yet he mentioned that he worked there for 3 months. I hung up the phone after that and called where I was told to report what had just happened on their website so others can be aware.

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