Lifeskillz LLC

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Reginald – Aug 07, 2020

Victim Location 98102

Total money lost $108

Type of a scam Charity

I was approached on the street by Kuan Qualls of “Lifeskillz LLC” with a request to purchase magazine subscriptions to be sent to underprivileged families (she suggested Mary’s Place). The more subscriptions she sells, the more “points” she earns towards scholarship money for college. She talked about her premature daughter and was very charismatic and polished with her pitch. She introduced the subscriptions as $3 each, and by the time I was ready to donate she revealed that you have to buy at least 3, and they have to be at least for a full year, so my minimum donation was $108. I was flustered and in a hurry and feeling generous so I agreed. She said they do not take cash or card, only check or Venmo. I Venmo’d Her the funds while she wrote me a professionally printed receipt. Later on, I got a bad feeling about the situation so I called the business number on the receipt and left a message. They returned my call this morning and said they are a subscription company but are not called Lifeskillz, they have no idea who Kuan is, and they never take payments via Venmo. This person and her “charity” are a scam. I contacted Venmo and they have escalated this to an investigation, but I will probably never see my money back.

Kristy –

The same thing happened to me, but she also said Black Lives Matter was supporting them and Mary’s Place was refining the magazines. Both places denied knowing them and their affiliation. I lost $288. The bank told me to put it on social media what happened and to report them to the better business bureau, which I did.

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