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Bryan – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 45237

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a call on 7-28-2020 around 2 or 3pm EST from 346-330-1682 from Daniel David King with Lifestream Loans. He offered me a $5,000 loan and I said I would take the minimum he said lowest is $3,000 and I asked him for the terms and he told me how long to pay back, 5 years $57 month and he said I had to put up a $100 first (and then it would be reapplied to add to the amount of the loan), and he asked me to go buy a Steam Card and he said the money would go through Walmart, so I went to Walmart to buy it, but they didn’t have $100s there so I want to Microcenter to buy one. I called him back and gave him the number on card and scratch off on the back and gave him a serial number of the card, and photograph of receipt and photograph of card. Now I go back over to Walmart to wait for loan and now he says I got to pay $300 for insurance (and the $300). I said you should have told me at first, I had talked to you for 3 days in a row and you hadn’t told me and I said it sounds like a ripoff. He said we can cancel the money and then I wouldn’t be able to apply again for 90 days. I asked him do I have to have insurance, I’ll waive it, and he said it will be for your benefit, and I said I don’t want it you didn’t tell me about it. After I paid $100 he said he would refund money to bank account in 5 minutes, in 5 minutes he said that they wouldn’t give me back money, I said that’s alright I’ll call the FBI. I called back on my friend’s phone (my battery when dead), I was at the store trying to get the card, the cashier didn’t pay me no attention, after that he said he would send money back 5 minutes, and then when my phone charged he called me back again, and I asked for my money back and he started talking about the insurance again, and he said he couldn’t give me my money back, and I said I would call the FBI. He called back again, and I didn’t answer.

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