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James –

Victim Location 80121

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

SCAM!!! Do not buy tickets from this website. This company is mimicking Water Lantern Festivals put on by They list the same dates, show the same photos, and charge twice the price of tickets. They do not send you even a confirmation of the tickets you purchased, much less the tickets themselves. There is no address for where the festival will be held, no business address, and no phone number. You cannot view their "terms" from the mobile site. I emailed them to request a refund after getting a funny feeling, and was told, verbatum, that I was barred from attending the festival and they would not be issuing me a refund because I was "disrespectful to the owner’s family" by requesting a refund. They told me to "sell" the tickets that I have NOT received. Very strange… This is a scam. Be very careful of where you buy water lantern festival tickets.

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