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Jacob – Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 43119

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The rep, Juan Gonzalez, said I was approved for a loan. He said they would send me money which I would have to send back through the Cash App. something between $200-$300. Then they would send me the minimum $3,000.00 loan. He wanted very personal information. He wanted the password to my checking account and other information. When I finally got the actual number for SunTrust Bank and they assured me they would never ask for any of that information. I believe the same people, after I reported them to SunTrust, then called me saying they were part of the Social Security Administration saying there was a warrant for my arrest in Texas. I have only been to TX once over 20 years ago. These people need arrested and charged for fraud. Other people and myself should be compensated for this inconvenience. I have received a stupid amount of calls from this place and another saying they are with U.S. Bank and I am approved for a loan I NEVER applied for. When I called U.S Bank I kept getting transferred to the supposed fraud unit. All the people I spoke to directly had a Hispanic tone/voice.

Shane –

Victim Location 27407

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This is another email used by the people trying to scam me for a advance loan [email protected]

I was contacted by Steven Smith who said he was a loan officer with LightStream a division of Sun Trust Bank after speaking with him for about and hour and sending copies of my ID and giving out all my information I learned he was a scammer just trying to get all my information to use I contacted Sun Trust as well as my bank Allegacy FCU due to receiving money in my account from a mobile deposit I didn’t make.

Nicolas –

Victim Location 78748

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a personal loan online and i received an email from light stream that tells me i am approved for 8000.00. I call the contact number provided (704-612-9089) to see how did this place show up in my emails. They asked for my approval code and let me know what i was approved for. The guy that was suppose to be assisting me (Shawn Marshall) went on into details about my account information and verifying my job history and place to stay.

After we were pass that part he ask me for my login and password from my bank and at that moment i felt something wasn’t right so i got on the internet instantly and start looking for the company of this place to see if it was fraud, but because this company actually do exist it didn’t show me. I decided to call Suntrust bank and ask them did they have a 3rd party lender by that name and they gave me their number instantly.

When i call the number and spoke with the young lady that helped assist me she told me that no one by that name (Shawn Marshall) worked for that company and they would never give you an approval code.

I called my bank to give them heads up on the situation and i called the guy (Shawn Marshall) back and told him that i knew it was a fraud and that i was going to report him and the number provided to the BBB. He instantly got mad and start saying mean things to me and i hung up the phone. I don’t want anyone else to experience this cruel behavior. It is not fair to those that are really trying to make it out here in this world.

Tasha –

Victim Location 45804

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Talked to three different men of middle eastern descent named, George Jones, Mark Johnson and Thomas. Want to send the loan through WU or MoneyGram for which you have to pay a fee up front of 78$ and provide them with a picture of your DL or SID. I offered to juat sell them my Identity Info for a 1 time fee of 78$ that i would reimburse them within 15-20 minutes but they hung up.

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