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Jamie – Apr 16, 2020

Victim Location 77001

Type of a scam Employment

I was recently emailed about a job opportunity, being the offer was really nice I decided to move forward. The job was from Mary Stuart with Lincoln Crown Real Estate, they were offering a salary job as a Realtor Assistant and $2900 bi weekly pay. As I continued through the process other red flags occurred, the website is full of holes there is no real contact with anyone. I cross referenced the address (3401 Mallory Ln STE100 in Franklin, TN) and realized there is another company occupying the space. The interview conducted on the phone was no more than 15 minutes if that. The company said to be based out of Tennessee, they are expanding to "your area" (I assume they say it this way to generalize the multiple people they are trying to scam) but after doing a google maps search nothing was found. The other red flag is the phone number, if you call it you might just get a dial tone or continuous ringing but no one will answer, they want to contact you through WhatsApp but it will not be video call it will one be voice and text.  My background is in computers so after the alarming flags I decided to locate their IP address, using that I used an IP Locator to show that they are out of Meppel, Drenthe of the Netherlands. The website is owned by a company named TORAT Private Enterprises, which has a fraud and scam percentage of 72%, so yes it was safe to assume this was fraud.

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