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Justin – Aug 10, 2020

Total money lost $4,600

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This company offered me loan as i was looking for loan. They asked me to pay them the advance for security reasons and i paid that so i can get the loan but they were asking me to send them more money and i asked them to cancel my application as someone told me that they are scammers. They said they can send the money back in 15 business days but it’s over 2 months now and i haven’t received my money back. They are not answering any phone calls neither their emails are working. Now i know such scammers and will never trust them again. I suggest others too to stay away frim such people.

Logan – Apr 24, 2020

My experience was word for word as stated in the previous post including the same evil cast of characters and I’m out of the same 1250.00. I would add that when I let my displeasure be known, all extensions have refused to answer my calls or emails. They have a phone prompt where they ask who is calling before they will put you through, I state my name and then nobody is available at any extension. Let me add that they did this to me; a senior citizen during a global pandemic. Can nothing be done to stop these thieves and get the stolen money back?

Taryn – Mar 30, 2020

Total money lost $1,250

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

On March 25th, 2020 I received an email stating I was approved for a loan with lindberglenders. I had been applying for a loan on a handful of sites so I was pleased with the news of approval. I responded to the email and was speaking with a Shawn Graham ext 330. He stated I was approved for $5000.00 as long as I secured it with a payment of $500.00. Once that was received my funds would be released in 24 hours. Shawn specifically said "You’ll have them by midnight, if not 10 am latest tomorrow". I sent the $500 the evening on the 25th. I woke up on the 26th, still no funds. I emailed the following morning and questioned it. I received a call then from a Daryl ext 490 saying the lender has required additional funds of $750 as insurance, but would send that back within 24-48 hours. Since I was currently behind on other payments due to NSF fees, I knew I needed the money. So again, on the 26th, they said I would have my funds by midnight that night. I woke up on the Friday, the 27th with no money in my bank. I had $3.00 left in my account and a terrible feeling in my stomach. I called Lindberg Lenders and spoke with a William this time ext 229 and was now told they’re requesting an additional $1350 as the bank has increased the taxes on the loan. William was the most rude of all 3 by far and spoke to me as no one should speak to anyone in the customer service industry. I was so stressed out and so distraught I ended up crying at work with having no clue what to do next. I called back and spoke to Daryl and informed him that i needed my application cancelled and my money back. Daryl said that he would try to do so in 10-14 business days for me instead of the normal 14-30 business days as well as a confirmation email stating that I will receive my funds back. I did not receive anything for the remainder of my day via email. I called about 10 times Saturday March 28th and spoke with all three, Shawn, William and Daryl and asked if i in fact was being scammed. William said he had been working here for 8 years so it is not a scam. Daryl said i would get my email by end of day and with time change, their end of day being 3pm would be 1pm for me. I never received an email. Shawn said it was out of his control and i would have to speak to William. I called William back and he said he didn’t understand why I needed an email saying i would get my money back. I told him i am out $1250.00 and i have nothing left until payday. I can’t sleep, I’m so upset and disappointed in myself, I just needed written confirmation to ease my anxiety. William proceeded to say he didn’t understand and that he doesn’t have the time so I reminded him it takes about 2 minutes to send an email, if not less. He said he didn’t need to send the money as he was assuring me I would get it. I told him that all 3 of you have assured me I would get a loan, and I am left with $3 in my account 4 days later. William hung up the phone on me and that was the last call between us. I feel that waiting for my money to be returned is wishful thinking and it makes me sick to my stomach. I just want Lindberg Lenders to be out there and known for being awful humans to be able to do this to others.

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