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Micah – Jul 08, 2020

Hello, to date they have scammed me of $3,657 dollars. The woman’s name I was dealing with was Sue Hendricks, Senior Lending Officer, phone 628-222-2439.

Steven – Jul 11, 2020

Sue also said if I want the money transferred back I need to send another $500.

Bonnie – Jul 11, 2020

I believe the voicemail is now saying Alison Krause, lol. I laugh because that is the name of a country singer. This company is nothing but a bunch of scammers…I don’t believe I will ever get my money back.

Shaun – Jul 08, 2020

called your number, went to a voicemail for allison somethin?

Kristin – Jul 08, 2020

Woman i was dealing with was Amber Rowe, also Senior lending officer.
Phone# 628-237-2240.

Neil – Jul 08, 2020

https://www.lodoregroup.com/ is the website for them.

Caroline – Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 77306

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was told in an email that i had been approved for a $5000 loan through email and asked for all my personal information including to sign a contract. After they had told me that all i needed to do was give them my income information and bank information then i would receive the loan so I did just that. Then i got an email stating that my loan was on hold because of my credit score and that they needed colladerall. They gave me 3 choices of colladerall one was A) a co signer with a credit score of 800 or more, B) A title to my car, or C) a $450 payment in which they had said would go toward the loan repayment and that i would not have to pay on the loan for the first 3 months. So i then sent the $450 through ***** in which was one of the forms of payment they had listed that they accept not knowing ***** did not do disputes should there be any issues happen with the funds sent. They had me send the payment to an unknown email address so i did. Then after they had received payment they had requested that i send another $450 payment after a supposed ”review" of my loan application. So i then sent another $450 to them through a friends ***** since i had used my limit of sending money through ***** up and they had asked me to find a friend that had ***** to send the other $450 equaling a total of $900 that i had sent them. They then after having received the total of $900 had said the loan was still on hold because they wanted a sudden "insurance payment" of an additional $1000. That is when i finally started feeling like i was being scammed. I then requested a refund of my money and by phone and then she hung up on me. She was being rude when i had asked for my funds back through email as well. I had went to the police about the matter a month ago, but have not heard anything yet. A guy from the supposed loan company had called me and stated that i will receive a refund within 30 days at the most the next day after contacting the police. It has now been just over 30 days and still no refund and have not heard anything from this so called company that i am not sure even exists after how everything was handled in an unprofessional way. I am now struggling with bills and behind due to the loan scam i had experienced, I really hope this will be prevented from happening to anyone else in the future and hope to have helped anyone from entering into an agreement that may be a false one losing the funds that they have to live off of. I am also disabled and on disability. These funds were government funds that had been taken from me in which is how i am able to pay my bills with. It has caused me emotional distress in which i am still trying to recover from.

Adrienne – Jul 08, 2020

i too am curious how it worked out, i’m starting my 30 business day return today.

Kelsey – Jul 04, 2020

Hello the exact same thing happened to me and they scammed me out of $3100. Did you have any update about collecting your money ? Any info you can give me would be helpful

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