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Deanna – Jul 24, 2020

Someone I met who claims to have gone to London claims that he sent me a package from Global delivery but then Global delivery contacted me and said I needed to pay a $300 mileage fee so when I went online to check it out I saw that there was a package for me so I said to 300 they said the package would be delivered to me within 3 hours the next day but the package never came then they sent me a text telling me I need to pay another $400 for what was inside of the package so I in turn sent the info to the gentleman that sent me the package and he said he couldn’t understand it but then he asked me to go ahead and send the money I told him I’m not doing it I believe that this was a scam he assured me it wasn’t so to this day I have not sent them any money and they have not bothered to contact me again then my friend called me the next morning and told me to go ahead and pay for the package I told him no I said you pay for it because I’m not so I do believe that this was a scam and I am out $300 and I also believe that he was in on it too

Daisy –

Victim Location 30075

Total money lost $375

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Tracy Lathrop claims to have teacup yorkies for sale and can ship through logistics global delivery which happens to be registered in her name and the number she used to advertise the puppies for sale. She sends a copy of her ID and pics and videos of the cutest yorkie, she provides an email for a Zelle transaction for $375. After receipt of the funds she advises that she would go ship the puppy and provides you with a tracking # through logistics global delivery and tells you they would be in contact with you, the logistic company then sends an email claiming that the puppy is in their possession but Insurance and air conditioned cage needs to be purchased for an additonal $500 which will be refunded upon delivery of the puppy. It clicked then that none of this was disclosed. I then receive a call from the # listed on the logistic website which is 3146439716 pressing and ordering me to send the funds via Paypal, Amazon or Ebay Gift Card, CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle. Then, the so called seller Tracy now says to purchase a gift card for $250. long story short this is all fraudulent. When I initially requested a voice call with "Tracy" she claimed to be a christian and sent a copy of the front and back of her license which made it convincing. PLEASE BEWARE!!!

Nina –

Victim Location 10019

Total money lost $1,150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased two teacup yorkie pups from a legitimate vendor, so I thought. They told me they were using a pet travel agency to send the dogs. I was going to be charged $650.00 & that included transportation. Suddenly I’m told I must pay the travel agency $300.00 for insurance by ebay gift card. Once I received the dogs I get my money back. Next I’m told I must pay $500.00 for a NYC permit in order for my dogs to enter NY. Again via ebay gift card and upon receiving dogs money will be refunded. Then i’m sent to a website with a bogus tracking number showing the flight plan and that I need a permit. Yet the whereabouts of the dogs are unknown until I pay. Conveniently enough the pet travel agency only communicates with the vendor and not me. They claim the gift cards are defective and I need to get more. I refused and asked my money to be refunded and they continue to ask for more. They told me if I dont pay the dogs still be quarantined or I could go to jal. When you try to call that will not answer. Then text you. At this point I knew it was a scam as the vendor and supposed travel agency were both asking for money. So, I fibbed and told them I went to the police to file charges and they told me go ahead and do it. I told them the police want their full business name, address, telephone number and license so they could contact them and they stopped engaging me. I have text messages and emails from both the vendor and pet travel agency whom seem to be one and the same. Both the vendor and pet travel agency are using both PayPal and ebay to cash in on money. I called their bluff and nothing, I asked for a refund nothing, I asked for my dogs nothing. I’m at a loss for $1,150.00 and no dogs either.

The attachment below is supposedly from the pet agency sent to the vendor to inform me of the permit. I have more screenshots of all texts and emails if needed.

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