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Sara – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 89110

Total money lost $2,750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I first hires this company a year ago July 2019. I hired them to build two websites one for a nonprofit the other a multivendor retail and digital music store. It started off at one price then as we went along they kept saying I needed to pay more for services I required for the site and they was saying that I needed to pay them first so that their people can get started on it. I eventually end up paying them $2000 in which the only thing I got out of it was a logo and a WordPress of one website that was not at all what I asked of them to build. For months I demanded my money back as they promised me if they do not get the work done, they never got the work done nor did they ever return my money. I tried to make a dispute with the bank but even with all the emails and text messages because the site went live which was the only way for me to see that they were not doing the work I lost the dispute. I tried to resume the relationship with them this June since I already had the wordpress and paid a small fortune but this time I made sure to include a contract that was signed by the head of the company. I made a $750 wired transfer as they requested it to be wired this time to stop me from disputing. They were insisting on a bigger deposit but I got him to agree with another $750. Again they have not kept the agreement of that contract and refuse to return my full deposit of $750 back to me let alone the $2000 that they ripped me off for from before. They keep making promises on how they are working on it, but they don’t do anything that you request, you get them on the phone and they talk around in circles and act as if they are paying me to give them a service. I am currently reporting this on my phone but I have the contract, the wordpress, the emails and the text of all conversations as well as receipts. I will be taking this to the courts!

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