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Joe – Jul 17, 2020

I ordered A box of gloves May 13th, 2020 and it supposed to be delivered in two weeks. I emailed them couple of times and they kept responding that you will receive it soon. Still have not received anything.

Ebony – Jun 18, 2020

I have emailed at least 2 complaints to (customer service) I paid $44.97 for hand towels. The $$ was deducted from my bank account on 15 April 2020. It is now 17 June…no hand towels…no refund. Can nothing be done? Can this company not get its hands slapped? Come on now…refund OR hand towels…order no. US2-23987…

Raquel – May 09, 2020

Same as the rest of the victims. Needed paper towels. Paid big money for IN STOCK bounty. Checked out, now says will ship in two weeks? Ok, two weeks pass and nothing, thee weeks and zero. PayPal is of no assistance( closing my PayPal as result). Okay, I got ripped off by the communist Chinese but for PayPal to not do the right thing really bothers me. I cant wrap my head around the fact that so many American companies and politicians kiss the commie [censored] [censored]. Buying USA from now on.

Roger – May 07, 2020

Literally the worst company. They promised me a full refund 3 months ago but i never got it. I’ve emailed their customer service multiple times, and they responded by saying the same thing every single time, and finally decided to just ignore me after my last email.
By the way, I asked for a full refund because i canceled my order before they mail it out to me, and the reason I canceled that order was because they never put my order in for 2 weeks until I email them, and they responded by saying they will do so the following week.

Lance – May 06, 2020

I wish I had read all these before I ordered my paper towels. After I couldn’t find any anywhere else I gave a quick glance at the website and thought it was legit and paid through Paypal (which their site prompted me to do). But I never received a confirmation of my order or the order status. So I wrote to them and big surprise no response. The phone number doesn’t work. I have requested a refund from Paypal but their response is that the seller has until May 25 to respond. It sounds like from your reviews that I shouldn’t expect much from Paypal. Seems like they could just reverse the transaction.

Devin – May 05, 2020

On March 30, 2020, I ordered on line some enmotion Georgia Pacific 89460 High Capacity paper towel rolls for my dispensing machine. The order was billed and paid for on April 1, 2020. I have yet to receive the product and have sent them 3 follow-up emails that have not been answered or replied too. I have an order confirmation number document they sent me after I ordered the product, but nothing since. Is there anything I can do to get my order or money back?

Nikki – May 05, 2020

Ordered Gorilla shelving paper from Love in Home. No tracking information and the product still has not arrive. Cannot reach anyone in customer service. Only received a reply that the item has shipped and they will send a tracking number later AFTER I emailed and requested that they cancel the order. I still want to cancel my order and think they are not a legitimate business. Do NOT order from them.

Neil – May 04, 2020

Ordered Gloves on 4/6/2020 because we couldn’t find any locally, and everywhere we online everything was sold out. So I ordered from Love in home after money taken, I have tried to contact through phone and emails.
All have lead to no communication, and the feeling that pay-pal while allow anyone to use there service without vetting, this is my second time being taken advantage of through their service.

Jamie – May 03, 2020

I believe LoveinHome is a fraud and is located in China. I ordered disposable gloves on 4/13/20 and immediately received an email that my gloves would ship in two weeks. I’ve not heard one thing from them since they took my money, and don’t expect to after reading the BBB complaints. Their US customer service phone number (1-626-271-1921] rings once and then says user busy and I won’t try their China number. I have written to their customer service 8 times canceling my order with no reply. The only reason I ordered from loveinhome was because they accepted PayPal as a payment method and I didn’t think PayPal would be connected to a fraudulent company. I thought PayPal protected their customers. PayPal refused to look into the company or help me get a refund. PayPal’s customer service person was rude, Ineffective and refused to listen to my complaint. PayPal denied my case because “my billing dispute doesn’t match our qualifications for a billing dispute “ and I don’t know what does if paying for something you never received doesn’t qualify. I have canceled my PayPal account as a result. Apple Pay works better and you can transfer money free of charge. Bottom line: DO NOT ORDER FROM ANY COMPANY ASSOCIATED WITH LOVEINHOME (SUPFASHION OR BUYREAL). BUYREAL showed as the payee in my bank account along with an international transaction fee! My bank recommended locking my account which I did. I contacted their BUYREAL customer service, no response, but there was a reference to supfashion customer service on their website so I contacted that person, again no response.

Nicholas – May 03, 2020

Love in home is a scam, i never received my product and they don’t replay to my emails to let me know the status of my order

Kurt – May 01, 2020

I bought sterile gloves from them 2 boxes 200 count each like the ones you get at Costco. They still have not arrived and its been two weeks since I ordered them. I paid $70.88 for them. I have an invoice number a transaction number and a merchant transaction number.

Hannah – Apr 29, 2020

Scammer’s phone +86 13738971444

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 18351 Colima Rd.Unit 107, Rowland Heights,CA 91748

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I purchased paper towels from LoveinHome on 4/7/20. I was immediately charged by a company called Buy Real. I saw no further shipping information and asked to cancel the order. I was responded to by someone named Sara who was obviously in China. (发送时间:2020年4月27日(星期一) 20:34
收件人:Sara )

She advised I would get a refund which I never have. I wrote again and was told by someone named Amy they were going to check on the status which I know they will not do. I was also charged some type of international fee.

This company has obviously been taking advantage of and scamming people who are concerned about the coronavirus.

Please put an end to this company before more innocent people get scammed.

Jeremy – Apr 28, 2020

Victim Location 93444

Total money lost $18.22

Type of a scam COVID-19

I was looking for disposable gloves..since the grocery stores near me had run out. I looked on Amazon..they were out…and then I found a few other websites…including this one…..and they had the gloves. They were charging about the same as Amazon..but they supposedly had them and were going to send to me….between April 18-April 25th…

They never arrived…and my credit card was charged. I am calling my cc company today…..& reporting the transaction as fraud.

Alyssa – Apr 24, 2020

I purchased latex gloves online from the Lovinhome website on March 24. My account was immediately charged through my PayPal account ($139.50) but still no shipping notification (today being April 24). I emailed the company twice stating that I wanted to cancel the order and got no response. I filed a dispute via PalPal on April 8 and await resolution. I sent a follow-up message to PayPal with a link to this page as evidence that this company is fraudulent.

Kristy – May 03, 2020

I filed three complaints and had long exhausting chats with PayPal customer service asking for a refund and was told that I had to go directly to the company to get a refund, which I did to no avail. PayPal said my claim was denied because my billing dispute didn’t match their qualifications for a billing dispute but offered no suggestions.

Dominic – Apr 30, 2020

My credit card shows a refund for the full amount of $139.50, posted on April 29.

Wesley – Apr 29, 2020

PayPal notified me today that the case was resolved in my favor and the seller issued a full refund. Now I wait to see if the refund shows up on my Mastercard account. I did a follow-up with PayPal before they resolved the case and included a link to this page noting the strong evidence that the website is fraudulent. My next move would be go to my credit card company and file a complaint through them.

Priscilla – Apr 25, 2020

Exact thing happened to me. I sent TONS of emails and finally was told they’d refund my money, NEVER have.
Paypal has my dispute on file and a complaint to the BBB
I can NOT believe that no one shuts them down and they continue to take money
however it’s clear that they never send out anyone their orders.

They have more than that, all of the below are the same sellers, people never receive items or refunds.
Buy Real

and I’m sure there are many more. They are a chinese person or persons, using a CA address but have several online stores. I was trapped by them also, never gave refund, never answer emails
another one is [email protected]

Larry – Apr 23, 2020

I ordered gloves because I have a hand condition. It said in stock. ONLY after you pay for it do you get the notice that due to delays they’ll be sent in 10 days. (I suspected ok then that’s probably because they aren’t a US company like they said rather in China and it takes that long to get here but then I thought I was being paranoid)
I wrote to ask if they could send sooner, NO we can’t. My sister found some for me as again, I have a hand condition and can’t prepare food without them so I wrote SIX times to ask for them to cancel. FINALLY they cancelled and said I’d receive a refund within 10 days NOPE , never came.
I emailed and emailed. THEN I discovered that
1. I ordered from wrote emails to [email protected]
2. BUT my paypal invoice says BUY REAL with an email of [email protected]
3. So I go to and their email for support is [email protected]
Emailed them all and no one replys. I find it hard to believe they can get away with this and there is no one to report them too for help?

Patrick – May 03, 2020

PayPal has to know these companies are frauds but won’t investigate! I canceled my PayPal account as a result. Reading these complaints shows how many people used PayPal and received absolutely no help.

Travis – Apr 23, 2020

This is a scam,don’t order anything from them,I pay 50$ to buy a box surgical mask,but it’s never come to me,I cannot believe in this difficult time for the people,they doing this disgusting .

Eddie – Apr 22, 2020

SCAM! Never received what ordered. Their number is fake and they never reply to emails. It Sucks, how people have to do this to hard working people.

Alexis – Apr 23, 2020

can NOT believe that no one will investigate this. I’m going to write to the Police in the California city that they say is where they are located. Everyone should do the same

Christie – Apr 22, 2020

I feel so stupid that I got scammed. But I really needed the paper towels for my husband who lost his jaw to cancer. He needs it for his mouth. Now I am out $65.00 and PayPal will not refund. I hate scammers!. They need to be taken off the internet!

Valerie – Apr 30, 2020

I filed a complaint with PayPal about this company and they were able to get a full refund from the company ($139.50). It was posted yesterday – April 29 – to my credit card account. Why won’t they do the same for you?

Melanie – Apr 19, 2020

This is definitely a scam. I ordered a 2 pack Bounty Paper towels for $36.38. Surely overpriced but I needed it badly at that time. It was very quick to take my money out of PayPal and even emailed me for the confirmation. But over a month has passed and yet on shipping details. Tried emailing 3 times and no response. The phone number is invalid. Already reported this to PayPal and the BBB.
Do not buy from this seller!
Definitely a SCAM!

Bradley – Apr 18, 2020

I feel like an [censored]. With this corona thing paper towels and TP were not available at any store within a 50 mile radius. Online shopping was not much better except for this site and its price gouging. So out of desperation I placed an order. This company is based in China. Besides the corona virus and fraudulent websites what else can China do to us? STAY AWAY! (If I sound xenophobic I apologize. Just pissed.)

Jodi –

I bought water filters from I canceled the order when I didn’t receive a confirmation. The rep said I would get a refund in 10 business days but I have yet to either get a response email from them OR get a refund. I have reported this website.

Brendan –

I ordered trash bags in January 2020…same thing as the above person has said. Amy said they ran out and she would check the warehouse and asked if I could wait a few more days. I have sent several emails since then and Amy (or anyone) does not reply to my emails. I’m afraid I contributed $32.48 to these crooks pocketbook. I see they are still listed when Googled. Something needs to be done about these people before more people are scammed out of their money.

Darrell –

Victim Location 70458

Total money lost $96

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I searched for a website to buy gloves. This company came up selling them Love In I made three seperate orders and paid through pay pal . After checking payl pal the charges are from a co Buy Real. email [email protected]

The address is 18351 Rowland Heights, CA Suite107 Phone # 86 13738971444

In these time this should be punichable to the fullest extent to scam people out of their money. I will contact the local news agency to make this public.

Diane Buras

504 259-5534

Melissa –

Did you file a dispute with PayPal and get your money back? I filed a dispute on April 8 and am still waiting for resolution.

Victoria –

Price gouging. 54 bucks for a couple rolls of toilet paper. I guess it robotically wipes your butt for you? Also some paper towels are running over $300 on this site. I guess these scammers got their seller account kicked off Amazon during one of the crises in 2017 because that’s when they appeared online as an independent site. COVID19 is just another fortuitous opportunity. Don’t buy from them. Just let them sit on their mounds of stockpiles and rot. They will have plenty of paper products to dry their tears!

Omar –

Price gouging during Coronavirus outbreak. $35 for 2 rolls of Bounty paper towels. Despicable – will be reporting this to the AG

Jessica –

Victim Location 32216

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Price gouging! Trying to sell six rolls of Viva paper towels for over forty dollars, trying to sell twelve rolls of paper towels for $139.88. Disgusting!

Dane –

Victim Location 68005

Total money lost $49.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

hen Covid-19 hit my town, I found out I am not well prepared at all. Panicking, I couldn’t find a single mask in local stores and supermarkets, and with price gouging in Amazon, Ebay, I decided to find unpopular online stores via Google. Loveinhome came to my sign. I actually visited before buying, and I saw terrible reputation about this business. However, with my anxiety, and saw the owner replied one customer in, I thought let’s take a shot and see how things go. So, I ordered $49.97 via Paypal worth of masks in 2/28/2020. They charged my money right away. Later I was so worry about it, and check my mailbox every 5 mins. The longer time has passed, the more I feel things are not right. I started to read the complaints in again. I knew I am doomed. I checked the business address on, it looks like a big mansion house with swimming pool. For sure the address is fake! Plus, the phone number on website is from China, with a California physical address!? What a fool I am!

On March 5, I emailed the customer services, according to Paypal. In one sentence, if you didn’t email them, they just treat your payment as free money, and when you did email them, they use excuses such as "Sorry for that, please wait a couple more days" "We just started the process, please wait a couple more days" "We are about to ship, please wait a couple more days"…… You name it. Seriously, I’ve never seen a legit business like this, no update at all. Eventually I asked for the refund, and again, "Amy" replied it takes 5-7 days with no actual actions, because it’s been over 10 days now! Great, my hard earned money is gone.

Additional information about this scam:

Two fake websites are essentially the same "company", do not buy things from there:,

The seller name: BuyReal

Fake customer service number: +86 13738971444

Customer service email: (they have two) [email protected], [email protected]

Customer service representative name: Amy (Definitely fake)

FAKE business address: 18351 Colima Rd.Unit 107, Rowland Heights,CA 91748

Gloria –

Victim Location 76109

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a set of 4 curtain rods on this website after Amazon said the exact product was out of stock. After purchasing, I contacted the company for a shipping date because no information was given on the email confirmation. An individual named MISTY CHAMBERS replied to my email, said the product was out of stock, and could I wait until the end of the week to obtain the product or otherwise they would cancel the order and give me a refund. I replied and said I could wait another week but past that I would need to cancel the order. I emailed three times after that to cancel the order (made on 11/11/2019) and it is 1/10/2020 today and I have not received any correspondence or refund back. This site has to be some sort of scam as they took my money, my credit card information was stolen shortly thereafter, and I have not received any product in return.

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