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Daisy – Apr 08, 2020

Lucky Stars Owner Nicole Neuman is scamming under a new business name.
Nova Belle.

Nicole Neuman has enhanced her con activities to include identity theft and mis representation of marital status.

Fake married names include
Nicole Mazurek
Nicole Sharp
Nicole Howell

Current victims of Neuman criminal activity include identity theft.

Beginning with D. Mazurek. Nicole Neuman, forged lease documents and presented herself as married to Mazurek to lease an apartment in Hollywood CA. under the alias Nicole Mazurek.

Apart from previous identity theft scams. A recent scam includes identifying fraud and forgery. Neuman falsified documents to gain financially.

Rebecca –

Victim Location 06902

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is a complete scam, they took full payment in advance and no one turned up for the party. I put a quote on Gigmasters for my son’s second birthday party. I received 4 quotes from them, one with the name of “Euphoric Events” in New York City with the message “ we will call you shortly. I received a text message later on with the specials going on ( image attached). Few minutes later I spoke with this person on the phone, her name is Scarlett philips ( emails included) and she is from a company called lucky stars entertainment , spoke about how they have a specials going on, asked me abt the party details and asked me to pay in full In advance. I paid and received an email from this person few minutes later asking me to confirm the details, which I did. I checked the credit card and the charge was on the name of a “Nicole Neuman” from TN instead of the company name.The party was scheduled for 28th April and I tried contacting this person 4 days before and No response all day. I got a bit nervous and tried searching them online, the website they had has a very fake vibe and I tried calling all the numbers listed there and all the phone numbers went to voicemail. I looked on Facebook, instagram ( no active page). I sent an email to them the next morning and got a very rude reply( image attached). Also, finally received a call from her and she screamed her lungs out at me for trying to call so many times and that there is no need for me to call them( very weird for a kid entertainment company to act like that). I felt more nervous and called gigmasters because this company received my information on their website. The customer rep at Gigmaters was very helpful. She looked for “ lucky star entertainment “ in their vendor list but found that the company was inactive. I then gave her the details of the phone number and the name on the credit charge and she found “Euphoric Events” associated with it and a Michael Neuman on that file. So apparently, “Euphoric Events” and this person is getting people’s information on Gigmasters and pitching services outside of Gigmasters with another company name( Lucky Star Entertainment) and screwing people around. As my gut told me, no performer turned at my party even after the full payment. These both companies are full blown scam and people need to be Very aware.

Ross –

Victim Location 90250

Total money lost $116.41

Type of a scam Employment

Nicole Neumann reached out to the victim via advising her of a rush casting for a paid improv gig and opportunities for ongoing paid gigs. The victim then responded by texting the phone number Nicole left in the message requesting additional information. Nicole responded to the text by calling the victim and giving her additional info and details. By the end of the call they came to an agreement. Nicole sent the victim a code of ethics and independent contractor document to sign. The victim eventually signed them agreeing to the terms. The following day, which was the 21st of Wednesday, March 2018. The victim worked the gig. After the gig she was advised, by Nicole, she would receive payment the following Monday, the 26th. It is now the 29th and the victim has not been paid. Nicole refuses to respond to her emails and appears to have blocked the victims phone number.

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