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Luna Labradors Scam or Legit? Check Luna Labradors Reviews below.
Victoria – Aug 17, 2020

I think I was lucky. I’m right with large purchases and my wife is tighter. However, my experience is with a “Mountain Labrador”. The communication, prices of $700 (including shipping) sounded good. Upon further inquiry found out it’s Oklahoma… Ok… interesting. They wanted to know about my vet and a number they could reach me at. I explained the vet, my back up vet and emergency vet… That’s right… 3 locations as needed. I asked for their name so I knew whom I was addressing. After sending the email, I looked for the “breeder” online, in Oklahoma and NOTHING… Ok, maybe a private one. Now the website I tagged on my browser is nowhere to be found. I guess if I choose to buy a puppy online in the future, I’ll verify things before falling for a cute face. I will be driving to the breeder as I have in the past.

Brandon – Jul 26, 2020

BEWARE, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAMMERS! LUNA LABRADORS AND NOW, DBA SOCRATE LABRADORS! They are total fake scammers/losers! Once you start asking questions, they will not respond! They take your initial $700 and then try to trick you in to sending an additional $950 for crate & shipping! If you offer to go to them to see or pick up the “fake” puppy, they actually have enough sense, believe it or not, to know that you’re not falling for their BS and will not waste anymore of their time or yours!
They have a Zelle account through Wells Fargo, under the name of Olive Kana, which is a black athlete lol. They had an ad under puppy, but as soon as they were called out, they removed their profile page! Do not send money to these [censored]! I’m still doing my research and have reported them with my bank, along with Wells Fargo! I have a background in IT, so I will update as more information is recovered!

Angel – Jul 02, 2020

We were so excited when our daughter found this website because we had been looking awhile. The price ($650) sounded too good to be true. Our exchanges were through email only ([email protected]). They offered to ship “Bella” to us, but we said we felt more comfortable picking her up. They emailed my husband an address in Oklahoma. I started to have a nagging feeling this was a scam. We never sent the money. I emailed them when my husband received no other response.! On the day we were going to drive and pick “Bella” up I sent another email and called them out as a scam and expressed how they should be ashamed of themselves. I had 2 heartbroken children at home. They responded back with a pretty nasty and vulgar email.

Adriana – Jun 21, 2020

I am so happy to read these complaints. I almost sent money to these people. The price for the puppies was too good to be true. I did a lot of fact checking on my own. This is what I did and why. After inquiring with Lunaladors about how I would receive my puppy from OKlahoma, OK. they said they would send my puppy the next day by Delta Airlines. I became suspicious. I was also not pleased with the company they requested I send my funds through. I offered them a choice of Pay Pal or Western Union. They choose Western Union Minute Pay. You have no protection with this type of transaction and no hope of getting a refund. With PayPal you can secure you payment if you don’t receive your merchandise. They also gave me an address to send the funds. I looked it up on a home site. If was an address of a single family home that was for sale, not a puppy mill. I immediately canceled. If I had read all of your comments it would have certainly been and eye opener. I have one regret, it is that I bothered to fill out that stupid questionnaire. I will never do that again. Thanks.

Kendra – Jun 20, 2020

They now go by the name Aston Labradors retrievers this time they were using the names Donald Ambe, Stephan Ambe & Jameesha Isom. They are still using the same photos and dog names & phone number. They got me for the $650. Then they requested the $950. To which they stopped answering my calls when I informed them that they were not going to get any more money from me.

Dominic – Jul 22, 2020

As of now, July 2020, they are going by the name Socrate Labradors. They got us for $700, but we figured it out with the $950 they wanted for the ‘Crate rental’ Filed a complaint with BBB, but won’t do anyone any good if they keep changing their name. They immediately changed their email when I called them out on it.

Clinton – Jun 15, 2020

I also just had the same thing happen to me. Olive was so convincing that this was not a scam. There was two different names that she used and then I new this was trouble. Everything said on this blog about not hearing from these people is true.

Debbie L.

Brent – Jun 04, 2020

I made an inquiry on May 23rd and received a response on May 25th. Similar to what the recent reviews mentioned. The answers to my inquiry were unanswered and it seemed like a generic response, with me leaving the last question,” is this a SCAM?” No reply and I told my daughter I would check to see if these puppies were all available. The website is no longer as of today June 3rd 2020. I came across this site by Google search” is Luna Labradors a scam”. Looking at these recent entries, many people sent them money without a refund. I wish everyone luck and hope these people are forced to repay, or at least a claim with the bank to investigate you were victims of Fraud.

Jake – Jun 14, 2020

I sadly just had the same experience with these people doing business under the name Aston Labradors. While I was able to get a man named Anthony Karbah on the phone who pleaded w/ me that this was a real business I refused to send a final ‘insurance’ payment of $900 (of course refundable) and am demanding my money back and threatening to call police, aspca, better biz bureau or whoever else might listen. I will keep everyone posted of what I’m able to find out.

Adriana – Jun 02, 2020

Scammer’s phone 405 300-5009

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address oklahoma city, OK…. doubtful though

Scammer’s email [email protected] and [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

Just like others I purchased a dog that doesnt exist…$650

I wonder how many times that have sold “Sybbie” ?

this is a SCAM

please do NOT fall for those cute pictures on the website

the price was too good to be true…and it wasnt true

Vanessa – Jun 02, 2020

they just sent me the request for $980 more for the crate to fly the dogs out

Remember the fees is 100% Refundable.

Thanks for using and trusting our services.





Nationwide Phone Number-580-208-1014

Here is our Zelle Pay account information

[email protected]

name on the account is Kana Olive
If Client can’t send payment using Zelle, then they can send payment using Western Union.


· Receiver’s Name_____Amanie Leboise

· Receiver’s City/State_____Oklahoma City/ Oklahoma

· Receiver’s Address__________2000 N Classen Blvd

· Zip Code _________________73106

· Expected Amount___________$980

· Amount to be Reimbursed____$950

Lucas – Jun 01, 2020

I didn’t give them money but I did give them some information. I did a Whois? Lookup and saw how new their website is (first red flag). The price was too good to be true in this current market for pups. (#2).Their email’s syntax was slightly off, sounded like it was written by someone who is not quite fluent in English. Here’s the last exchange before I told them I was on to them:

I appreciate the answers to my questions. This tells me you are really a pet lover and I will be pleased to place Sybbie in your care as all I want for her is a caring and loving home. Sybbie will be the perfect and loving puppy that will shower your home with much joy and happiness. I’m located in Minnesota and we will get Sybbie shipped and delivered to you right at your home. We are going to cover for Sybbie’s shipping and delivery handling.

The Puppy will come with the following:

-Health Certificates.
-1 year health guarantee
-Sample Foodstuffs for the first few days
-Puppy kit starters.
-And a hand guide that will help you on basics of taking good care of her.

As concern the shipping it will take 5-6 hours on a direct flight with our pet delivery partners. We ship puppies by Delta Airlines and American Airlines.These airlines are very experienced in animal shipping. They take excellent care using experienced pet sitters while they maintain strict guidelines assuring the safety of your puppy. Sybbie will also be very comfortable during the flight because she will have some play toys, blanket and food stuffs. So i will need your full shipping and delivery information which i will use in registering Sybbie for the delivery.

Your full names…
Full home address…
Postal/zip code…
Contact numbers…
Nearest airport to your location…

Once I have these information I will then check if there is a direct flight from here to your location then I will let you know how to make the payment for Sybbie so that I’ll be able to book a flight for her so she can be on her way to your home as soon as possible. Once i received your complete shipping information, i will send you my payment information for you to make the payment. Once payment is confirmed, it will take maximum 5-6 hrs to have the shipment process completed and you will be notified by the shipping agency for the departure and arrival time of your puppy during which you will be required to be at home to sign and collect your puppy when she arrives.

Thanks and Waiting

Hillary – Jun 03, 2020

yep…that is the exact email I received.

I wonder how many Sybbies they have sold.

Claire – May 31, 2020

Scammer’s website Luna

Scammer’s email JeanLogan74 @

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

We order a Labrador thru website and paid thru Zelle $650. We feel so stupid letting our excitement and emotions get the best of us. A costly lesson learned. We asked for a call back and have not received any response. Shame on them. Please know that there is no fraud protection with Zelle.

Tammy – May 29, 2020

Scammer’s website Luna Labradors

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

We paid $650 for a lab puppy as we were told they were half off, from $1300, this month. Once it came time for shipping we were told it would be a $30.00 crate rent fee and a $950.00 refundable security deposit for the crate. We went to send the full $980.00 through Western Union, who did not let us send the payment because of a fraud alert. We called the shipping company called “Route Shippers” and informed them that we could not send the payment through Western union. They replied saying that they had a new, faster, more convenient payment option available that he would email us so we could send the money. That was one red flag. Once we opened the email it immediately popped up with an option to get an Amazon giftcard, that is how we knew this was crap. We told him and Kana Olive from Luna Labradors that we will not be paying for shipment and would like a refund. The man from Route shippers then went on to reply “GOOS LUCK THEN!” Very unprofessional. Kana, or whatever her real name is; continued to argue with us saying that they were legitimate and she trusted them. We said, “We understand that you trust them, but they have been unprofessional and sketchy with us and we do not feel comfortable sending them the amount asked for. So we would like our $650.00 back.” We have stayed very respectful and professional throughout this whole process and she has ignored us and now will not give is our money back. I am thinking of perusing with legal options as she needs to be stopped.

Brandon – May 31, 2020

I came across your post after the fact of loss of $650. The transaction happened today and was suppose to receive puppy tomorrow. Shame on them. Thanks for posting. If we receive additional info we will share. I agree these people need to be stopped!

Cynthia – May 29, 2020

I was ready to pull the trigger and get a dog. After reading these reviews I asked for a phone number so that I could speak to someone in person and some type of confirmation prior to sending 650.00 that we will actually get a dog. They immediately responded- look elsewhere. Not a word after this.

Jessica – May 29, 2020

Victim Location 07006

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My wife and I were looking to purchase a labrador retriever puppy. We came across the web site listed above. We agreed to a purchase price of $650.00 which was inclusive of shipping. The next day we received a communication from their shipper that an additional $985.00 was needed. I did some additional research and concluded that this was a scam. I sent them notice that I wanted a refund and that I had contacted my bank

(payment went through zelle). In retrospect I should have seen some red flags prior to sending the funds, but the emotions of getting a puppy worked against us. I hope no one else has to go through this deceitful experience. Their web site is pretty enticing. Thank you for your time.

Holly – May 31, 2020

We are in the same boat. Shame on them but there are good people out there and we stand together maybe we can catch them

Alberto – May 26, 2020

Victim Location 19134

Total money lost $1,540

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a puppy from the above did not supply phone number and keep saying he was being shipped and then asked for more money to have him shipped

Sheila – May 22, 2020

Victim Location 10514

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Lab puppy scam. Never would speak on the phone, give address or AKC breeder papers etc. just showed puppy pics and claimed they had papers and unable to talk on phone. Asked for money to be sent prior to shipment using Western union, bitcoin, cash app etc

Alana – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 48088

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Long story short the price was to good to be true, (650.00) that includes airfare to fly the puppy from Oklahoma to Michigan. Me and my wife have tried multiple times to get them to do a video phone call with us so we can see that the puppy is real. No phone call, they did send a video of the puppy but how do you know that is real?! So we asked if they had an EIN or any way we could verify that they were a real business. no response.

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