Lunar Torch Headlamp/Tabee Sales Ventures

Lunar Torch Headlamp/Tabee Sales Ventures Scam or Legit? Check Lunar Torch Headlamp/Tabee Sales Ventures Reviews below.
Tyrone – Aug 19, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I picked two of the torch lights and paid the fee of 4.95 each now they take 49.00 out of my account why I have no idea! I already paid for the flashlights now I want the 49.00 back!

Lori – Jul 09, 2020

I chose the headlamp as reward for filling out a survey. entered the credit card number for shipping. AMEX called today regarding fraud. Apparently they have been getting calls that the 49.95 charge was unauthorized from other customers. I will not be filling these surveys again.

Christopher – Jun 15, 2020

Victim Location 91344

Type of a scam Online Purchase

To keep this short, I fell for an ad online selling a high lumen headlamp for a one time offer of 4.95, just like the other complaints. At checkout they only have a box at bottom of page to check mark that is labeled “ complete your transaction” , so you click on it and it takes you to another page that says, “congratulations for purchasing the upgraded version for an additional 8.99.” Then my original invoice went from the 4.95 to 13.94 and 4.95 and no free shipping. I immediately emailed them and told them to cease and desist, cancel or else. The responded immediately and said they would do me a favor by cancelling the additional charges. To summarize: I paid only 4.95 and received a cheaply made headlamp that was not what they represented in their ad. Not rechargeable and not high lumen bright. Fine. HERES THE SCAM: About two weeks later on a Sunday they tried to manually enter my credit card number and take out 49.99 out of my account without any authorization or contact of any kind. My bank, Wells Fargo, caught it and declined the transaction. I’m in CA they’re in Louisiana with a Florida phone number and business registered in Colorado trying to scam people while the economy is closed. Most of the population either has no income or are on unemployment benefits and these [censored] are trying to steal what little money we have. Make your own decision on what type of business this is. I’ll let Wells Fargo handle it tomorrow morning.

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