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Brenda – Jul 29, 2020

I too ordered a book from Lunaron Books on 5/22/20…been waitin a while and I think I will be waiting longer…like till I expire. For a while I’ve thought ” Gee things must be bad due to Covid 19 all over the place, I will be patient and see what happens.” Bet they were banking on taking advantage on that level as well. Thank you for posting this and I hope they catch the rat finks that put that site up.

Brooke – Jul 06, 2020

Ordered 4 books on June 10th and at the time of placing the order the site seemed legit.
I never got a confirmation email other than my paypal payment confirmation. I tried emailing the shop and the email they have listed is fake.
I filed a claim with PayPal and they rejected it because the shop apparently provided them with a tracking number that stated a package was delivered to me. I never received a package.
I’m out $30 and I’d just like to help others avoid this scam!

Joe – Jun 22, 2020

Ordered 6 books June 15, got confirmation from paypal (from a Nguyen Thi Tham) but nowhere else. Tried to email, email not a proper email and got delivery failure notification. Tried to call, no answer and mailbox full. Will be disputing this. what a crap company to do this to people. When you click about us, the picture I uploaded is what comes up.

Gregory – Jun 21, 2020

On 05/29/20 I purchased 2 books and used PayPal for payment. I never received an order confirmation email or a shipping confirmation from the seller. One book was an ebook, the other a hard copy. PayPal sent me an email that confirmed my payment with the sellers name, personal email, and phone. I tried contacting the store because I had not received anything. Seller never responded to my email, the store email rejected as unknown, voice mailbox was full. I requested a refund from PayPal but was rejected because seller supplied them with a UPS shipment/Delivery confirmation. I never received an email with a link to download the ebook and I never received any package. I’m out $26. This appears to be a scam. According to PayPal the seller’s name is PhanThị Minh Nghĩa and email is [email protected] Phone is 519-503-4243. The store is The address in the contact info is 5808 Layton St, Virginia Beach, VA but the address in spokeo shows that people with the last name Rhoads live there. It seems that everything is fake..the address, phone #, and email. I would not buy anything from this site again.

Carolyn – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 43219

Total money lost $13.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase


On 6/4/2020 I purchased a book from The website looked like an online book shop. After I ordered, I never received a confirmation email of my purchase. I was charged $13.90 by PAYPAL *NGUYENTHILY. When I inquired at the contact email, the email was immediately returned in error. After looking through the website more closely I saw that lots of information on the site seemed questionable. I still have not heard from the business and there is no phone number to call.

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