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Cory – Apr 27, 2020

Scammed me out of $75. Ordered a guitar. Took over 4 weeks, and sent me a “belt”. My credit card co. disputed paying these fools. Got lucky. Stay away!

Carmen – Apr 24, 2020

Lustreach,LLC aka LRCLLC is all fake and a scheme scam. I was on Offer-up and tried to buy a Guitar bass combo at some attractive price. When I clicked on the offer, it redirected me to when I finished the purchase. It was toward the end of February, my card got charged right away and 2 days later I still didn’t receive any email confirmation with order number and shipping info. Then I attempted to reach this company and was not successful. Address in Indiana was phony and could not pull it on the map online. Phone had a recording device and never got a returned call for my voicemail. It finally looked suspicious to me when the merchant info on my card stated from Oakland, CA with a (415)-number that rings forever and the company is in Indiana. Then I received some random item (toy sunglasses) a month later from China with some tracking number. I had disputed with my bank – Wells Fargo, they credited me at first, then they took it away after these scammers showed proof of delivery for the toy they sent, not the guitar bass combo. SCAM !

Joanna – Apr 27, 2020

Had a similar scam from these Chinese TOOLS! Ordered a guitar. Same experience as you. Received a belt in the mail over a month later. COMPLETE scam artists. Stay AWAY!

Daisy – Apr 11, 2020

They are from Wuhan and randomly sent some stuff out but will give u a tracking number. I ordered a motocycle helmet and they sent me a toy ring.

I email them they sent me a wrong order and they said ok I sent u a new order again. The order had a diff kind of tracking number from another kind of shipping company, and never arrived. I emailed them again and they never response anymore. I ended up having credit card company to dispute.

This is a SCAM site. They will take your credit card all these info and don’t ship things to you. Please don’t be victim.

Jonathan – Apr 27, 2020

Hope they all get COVID-19 and are decimated!

Ian – Mar 31, 2020

Ordered a Fender Squire Affinity Telecaster electric guitar, on 2/3/20 took money out of my account 3/3/20 called the phone number they have listed many times no answer text many times guess what no response. I’m not to hopeful I’m going to be any different then you guys. If that’s the case something should be done shut these [censored]

Mallory – Mar 26, 2020

LUSTREACH SCAMMERS I ordered a record player and received knock-off Ray Bans. Their address is fake & everything. I wish I could drive to their place of business & issue myself a full refund. I saved money up for a nice record player and got played, somebody needs to stop this, PAYPAL should not allow their account to accept payment from the U.S.

Ruth – Mar 06, 2020

Ordered a double neck guitar, and received a pair of sunglasses. No responses to calls or emails. Total scam. I’d break the guys legs if I saw him/her on the streets. Plus, Offer Up runs ads for these guys. Obviously, Offer Up doesnt screen whoever’s buys advertising space from them.

Caitlin –

I placed an order for a Keith Urban Player series guitar. Ordered lefty by accident. Immediately tried to cancel order. Several emails sent – unanswered. Phone number on website – no answer. Bogus Chinese tracking number. COMPLETE SCAM. DO NOT order from this fraudulent website.- Lustreach is a SCAM.

Patricia –

Scam from China. After you order, a small package of bubble wrap is shipped from China to the purchaser with a tracking number. Since the purchaser didn’t order anything from China, the package is discarded. When the purchased item never arrives, the scammers claim the package was delivered based upon the tracking number from the bubble wrap package.

Grant –

Lustreach has adds on OfferUp I bought an audio interface paid through PayPal received the statement from PayPal haven’t heard from the site or the since. I tried to contact both parties I have nothing from them reported them through PayPal and posting on as many sites as I can to get the word out about this scam site and it’s affiliates.

Julia –

Victim Location 72076

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My friend warned me instantly when I told him I found a sterling music man guitar on this website. We searched the average price for the guitar and then searched the contact information they gave. An online search came up with fraud claims of companies using the same physical address.

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