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Taryn –

Victim Location 48708

Type of a scam Rental

Condo rental was on Craigslist in a building complex we’d rented from before. Online, this complex was very booked. However, there now appeared to be an availability. The pictures were correct for the building. But the unit #502 was not listed in the complex online. I called the complex (Sea Shell Condos) and I was told that the unit was owned by a person who didn’t rent through their office. Ok. We figured that the price was lower because we were avoiding a lot of the fees tacked on rentals. I texted the “person” back and said we must talk on the phone before we proceeded. In the meantime, the complex office contacted the real owner who confirmed that the unit was occupied and rented into May! Boom! A scam is now confirmed. Amazingly, the owner said that this is NOT the first time this has happened and that the authorities are not getting anywhere on stopping this character. Somebody “named” Sue signed at the bottom of the rental agreement we were suppose to sign. If the price is too good to be true, it could well be a scam. We knew it was a scam before we got far enough to send any money!! But I know they would’ve taken it if it had gotten that far.

I have documents but don’t know how to upload.

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