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Bobby –

Victim Location 50170

Total money lost $12.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a tool for my husband on this site should have known that $12.50 was to cheap to be legit but I rarely order online don’t trust scammers. Its been almost 3 weeks since I placed the order & now the order can no longer be viewed. I emailed them about shipment 2 weeks ago w/no response & the phone# no longer works. They were sure quick to charge my credit card though as in before the day was over. Now I have to contact them I’m sure I won’t get my $ back but want to make sure they can’t somehow charge me again.

Eduardo –

Victim Location 77429

Total money lost $12.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I made my purchase online on 11/22/19 and have not heard a word from them. They won’t reply to any messages I have sent them at all, Now I’m seeing a lot of info about scams with them. The amount of money that i was scammed doesn’t make a big difference in my life but its the point that i could have spent thousands of dollars and I would be in the same situation.. A thief is a thief and needs to be delt with. Thank You very much

Claudia –

Victim Location 63101

Total money lost $36.44

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I just realized this company was a true SCAM they have 3 online websites that I noticed, and torme (on my statement just said Torme) so I don’t remember exactly what came up when I tried to purchase a baby toy, the other two websites I tried to purchase baby rockers all together they got me for 36.44 all three purchases was for baby items on Nov 14th I never received NO way of contacting them phn number on disconnected, email non existent and now there is no way to pull them up and contact them, when I placed the order I got a email stating my order was confirmed and I would get a email when it ships, NO other communication now they off the grid SCAM.

Rose –

Victim Location 30349

Total money lost $37.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for some low priced tablets for my kids and actually came across a website that said and it had everything on the website I was looking for including the tablets for a pretty good price so I purchase two tablets and decided I wanted one more for my son come to find out the whole website was a big scam

Karen –

Victim Location 34668

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This company has select items for sale at realy good prices. The prices are to good to be true. The phone is disconnected and the address if fake does not exist.

A friend of mine ordered the bowling bags not realizing it was to good to be true as he is 87 years old. I started investigating when I realized there were problems with phone and address.

This site is a scam to get money out of you and your card with be run through a store overseas and it indicates Dillar Groceries. All be aware!!!

Luke –

Victim Location 63034

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased 3 item online , payment collect by Dillar Barcelonia 08006 ESP

Shawn –

Victim Location 42544

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Order #1464 confirmed






 Nov 14 at 3:37 PM


ORDER #1464

Thank you for your purchase!

Hi Sonja, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

View your order

or Visit our store

Order summary

Touch Screen Android Tablet × 1


Digital Drawing Tablet × 1

Display Package / United States







$25.00 USD

Customer information

Shipping address

  United States

Shipping method


Payment method

Payment method — $25.00

If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected]

Bridget –

Victim Location 38632

Total money lost $12.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offered a tattoo printer for 12.50 and now wont respond

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