Lyndsey Morgan

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Latoya – Aug 03, 2020

Got a lot of sketchy emails from this person saying she was moving to Illinois from Canada and needed a dog sitter and walker, a lot about seeing I am a “trustworthy and god fearing” person… A lot about waiting until the end of August to come to IL because COVID.

Asked if she could EMAIL me a check to print and take to my bank. It just got weirder and I blocked her. The number came from a 701 area code. The first few emails she wanted me to view files of information on some weird website that would require my school log in and then constantly fail.

Feel a little dumb but glad I saw the other person’s warning here!

Alexandra – Jun 04, 2020

Victim Location 27410

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got an email from Emily Shane to my school email saying her aunt was moving to Raleigh from Canada and needed a pet sitter. I emailed her and she gave me the job. She sent me a check of $2450 to order her dog supplies and have them sent to my place before she moved and she wanted me to send the funds to the store manager,

So I just did it. She let me keep $400 of it. The next day she sent me another check with the same amount and told me to send it to the store manager again and I had to use different ways to pay them, zelle, Venmo, applepay, and cashapp, and every single one had a different name. I sent the money and then I quit. She called me and hung up like she didn’t want to talk to me and said she needed to get my attention so I blocked her. And then she called me from her husband, Patrick’s phone and it said he was from Texas. She called me from his phone and I answered but didn’t say anything and I heard what sounded like multiple Hispanic men in the background. And I blocked his phone.

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