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Candice –

Victim Location 92870

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I am in the process of buying a home and for this purpose I checked my credit through Credit Karma. I saw that a new address and account from La Curacao appeared on my report. I was shocked and immediately called La Curacao to find out who, when, and what kind of identification process do they have in place to verify the person opening a credit line. I called their fraudulent department at 213-639-2415 and spoke to Silvia. Per Silvia, the name of the person who opened the line credit is Angelina, my name is Angelica, she has my last name and my date of birth. However, she had a different physical address. I asked Silvia if Angelina used my social security number. Silvia stated that they did not use any social security number, and do not know how the credit bureau got our information crossed. She stated that they could not do anything about it, that I would need to contact the credit bureau and file a dispute. Once La Curacao receives the dispute then they can make any changes to the account.

I know that La Curacao caters to people that do not have credit because they maybe undocumented by providing them lines of credit with high interests rates. Which is not illegal. What I think its illegal is that somehow La Curacao is "phishing" social security numbers from unsuspecting people and opening lines of credit under people with similar names and date of births and hope they will not notice. I have never been into La Curacao and I just do not see how having the same last name and date of birth with someone else can somehow get a credit line under my credit score as a plausible explanation. I filed a dispute with the credit bureau and will not know what will be the outcome of that. I had informed Silvia that I will also file a police report which she discourage; but, I will still go ahead with that report because I do not believe that this is the first time they have done something like this and I want there to be a record.

Because of this situation I had to freeze my credit with all 3 credit bureaus because currently it shows that I have 2 reports on La Curacao and do not want more accounts open. I spent $30 on the credit freezes.

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